Swarovski's Crystals

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Case Code : BSTA124
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Pub Date : 2005
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Countries : Austria
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Swarovski Origins

Daniel Swarovski who founded Swarovskis in 1895, hailed from northern Bohemia. In 1895, he invented an electrically-powered crystal cutting machine which had a tremendous impact on the jewellery and fashion industries, in part because it introduced mass production of the light-reflecting crystal, which, until then, had to be cut by hand...


Swarovski was among the best-known Austrian export items around the world. The graceful crystal swan, which was the Swarovski logo, had become famous along with Swarovski glasses, vases, goblets, trinkets, buttons, decorations, costume jewelry, and intricately carved little animal figures...


Nadja, 33 years old, a sixth generation member of the Swarovski family, grew up in Austria. Nadja had started her career by working in art galleries. She then moved on to public relations for luxury goods makers in New York. She, however, wanted a place of her own in the family enterprise. She joined in Hong Kong in the sales and distribution unit...

The Road Ahead

In the U.S., where Swarovski had sold jewellery through department stores, it wanted to continue with more lines and more giftware sold through the stand-alone retail stores. The bad news for Nadja however was that these stores would continue to have her dreaded "animals." Meanwhile, Nadja was given a financial budget of around $6 million a year...


Exhibit 1: Daniel Swarovski, Founder
Exhibit 2: Logo of Swarovski
Exhibit 3: Swarovski crystal
Exhibit 4: The World's First Postage Stamp with a Crystal
Exhibit 5: Rockefeller Crystal Star
Exhibit 6: Swarovski Crystal for the Automobile Future
Exhibit 7: Asia-Pacific Apparel & Textiles Market Value Forecast: 2003-2008


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