Nike's "Joga Bonito" Marketing Campaign

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Case Code : MKTG150
Case Length : 27 Pages
Period : 2001-2006
Organization : Nike Inc.
Pub Date : 2006
Teaching Note : Available
Countries : Europe, USA
Industry : Footwear

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...Or a Self-Goal?

Nike's critics, on the other hand, felt that the Joga Bonito campaign put style above substance. They said that Nike had created a community around football players who could play artistic football but did not give any credit to the less glamorous tasks that are equally important to the game. For instance, the site does not give any credit to defenders who save goals by making hard tackles. Some critics felt that would appeal only to kids and people new to the sport, but not to serious supporters and die-hard fans of football.

Critics also felt that Nike's campaign was dampened by its association and over-dependence on the Brazilian team.


Nike and Google said that they would closely watch how fared. If it did well, they planned to launch similar sites for basketball, baseball, skateboarding, and other sports. The success of this network would depend on whether Nike succeeded in convincing the fans that was not a mere marketing site for Nike. "It has to be of the people and authentic and credible. It's a self-governing community. Our job is to feed it, help it start, but then they'll fuel it. It's a long-term way of connecting with consumers," said Edwards...


Exhibit I: The Swoosh - Nike's Logo
Exhibit II: Key Financials of Nike
Exhibit III: Nike's Key Financials (2001-2005)
Exhibit IV: Nike's Revenue Distribution (Fiscal Year 2001 vs. 2005)
Exhibit V: List of Official Sponsors of Fifa World Cup 2006
Exhibit VI: Adidas' Logo
Exhibit VII: The "Impossible Team" Campaign of Adidas
Exhibit VIII: Teams Sponsored by Nike, Adidas and Puma in 2006 World Cup
Exhibit IX: Nike's Joga Bonito Ad Campaign

Exhibit X: Screenshot of
Exhibit XI: The Joga Companion
Exhibit XII: Team-Kits of the Teams Sponsored by Nike
Exhibit XIII: Nike's Controversial Ad Featuring Wayne Rooney


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