Nike's "Joga Bonito" Marketing Campaign

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Case Code : MKTG150
Case Length : 27 Pages
Period : 2001-2006
Organization : Nike Inc.
Pub Date : 2006
Teaching Note : Available
Countries : Europe, USA
Industry : Footwear

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"That (Joga Bonito campaign) goes way beyond somebody saying, 'Oh, yeah, I saw a commercial' …Gone are the days where you can put an ad out and hope people see it. Anyone who doesn't understand the change in the landscape does so at their own peril."1

- Trevor Edwards, vice president for global brand marketing, Nike, Inc., in May 2006.

"By enrolling consumers in shaping the marketing, Nike is figuring out what kind of microcontent audiences want and nurturing deeper bonds of loyalty and advocacy."2

- Pete Blackshaw, chief marketing officer, Nielsen BuzzMetrics3, in July 2006.

"Beyond its nakedly commercial intent, Nike's Joga Bonita strategy seems like a rather poignant attempt to impose a "play ethic" - no diving, no faking, no arguing; all skill, all imagination, all daring - on a game whose players are much less purist and noble, much more flexible and calculating, than even those figures venerated in the adverts."4

- Pat Kane, writer and creativity consultant, in July 2006.

Nike and the Beautiful Game

In March 2006, Nike, Inc. (Nike), the world's largest athletic shoe manufacturer5, and Google Inc.6 (Google) announced the launch of, a social networking website for football7 fans across the world. This was part of Nike's "Joga Bonito" campaign, the company's global marketing initiative during the build up to the 2006 FIFA8 World Cup (2006 World Cup) to be held in Germany from June 09, 2006 to July 09,2006.

Through its Joga Bonito campaign, Nike sought to promote the beautiful aspects of the game of football such as creative play, professionalism, courage, and team spirit."Joga Bonito" is a Portuguese phrase that translates into "play beautifully" in English.

It was a multi-pronged campaign, which comprised of a series of advertisements (ads) that featured a number of football superstars, an online TV channel dedicated to football called Joga TV, and the social-networking website, As a part of the campaign, Nike also organized a Joga3 tournament, a short-field 3-on-3 futsal9 game.

Football, the world's most popular sport, is widely referred to as "The Beautiful Game". Prior to the start of the 2006 World Cup, Infront Sports & Media10 (Infront), the official holder of the broadcast rights for the event, said that the event would be broadcasted to over 200 countries and territories. Infront projected a cumulative viewing audience of 32.5 billion, which was a 10 percent increase over the 2002 World Cup11. Marketers were keen to showcase their brands and reach out to this huge captive audience. In addition to being a widely watched sport, the global market for branded football-related sports products was estimated to be approximately 2.5 to 2.6 billion euros12 (around US$ 3.3 billion) in 2005.

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