Rovion's InPerson Technology: Changing the Face of Online Advertising

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Case Code : MKTG165
Case Length : 16 Pages
Period : 2005-2007
Pub Date : 2007
Teaching Note :Not Available
Organization : Rovion, Inc.
Industry : Information Technology
Countries : Europe, USA

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Accolades from Customers and Experts

The use of real life or fictional characters in online ads helps personalize products and brands, and engages consumers through conversation. InPerson technology ushered in an age of borderless advertising, taking online engagement to a higher level. With InPerson, experts said that Rovion had "literally put a face on contextual advertising" with its unique cut-out video ads. Ads in this format had a powerful impact as they gave a feeling of a one-on-one relationship between the marketer and the consumer. Many media buyers and planners considered InPerson as a potent advertising tool and a welcome addition to the growing number of channels being used by marketers to reach their audience (Refer to Exhibit VI for some new channels marketers are using)...

The Other View

However, there were some who felt that InPerson ads could be intrusive. With so many websites using this technology, they anticipated overexposure to this type of ad and felt that the novelty would wear off relatively quickly. Emily Riley, an analyst with Jupiter Research, said that some marketers might be cautious in their approach in using the InPerson technology as they might feel that the format was too intrusive. Analysts felt that online advertisers often failed to get the desired result as the audience's reaction to these ads varied from annoyance to indifference...


On the whole, while InPerson technology was not expected to bring a sea-change in the online advertising landscape, it seemed capable of opening up a number of promising opportunities for advertisers. A report by Forrester Research in April 2006, found that there was significant increase in the use of online spending in new channels. The report noted, "By 2010, firms will spend US$26 billion on Internet marketing." Ostroff felt that the acceptance of the InPerson format by and BurstMedia would reinforce the significance of this technology among marketers. He expected this to have a marked effect on the future growth of Rovion...


Exhibit I: Rovion's Logo
Exhibit II: A List of Rovion's Client
Exhibit III: Screenshot of Showing Avatars
Exhibit IV: Screenshot of Some Websites that used Rovion's InPerson Technology
Exhibit V: Photos of Microsoft using InPerson Technology to Promote Office Live
Exhibit VI: Some New Channels used by Marketers
Exhibit VII: Out of Context: What Can Go Wrong!


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