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Case Length : 32 Pages
Period : 1982 - 2002
Organization : Sun Life Financial Services
Pub Date : 2002
Teaching Note : Not Available
Countries : Canada
Industry : Financial Services


The case provides a detailed insight into the strategies adopted by Canadian insurance major SunLife Financial Services in various areas. The case provides information about the company's history, its evolution and examines its marketing, finance and human resources strategies. Details about the various mergers and acquisitions undertaken by the company over the years are given. The case also provides an insight into the company's global operations and examines its performance in various geographical segments. Sun Life's merger with Clarica is explored in detail and the implications of the merger on the Canadian insurance market are studied. Finally, the case provides a detailed note on the global insurance market and on the Canadian insurance market.


Changes taking place in the Canadian insurance market after passing of Bill C-8 which would allow more flexibility for the companies


  Page No.
Introduction 1
History 2
Mergers & Acquisitions 4
Business Segments 6
Products & Services 7
Investments 10
Marketing 10
Globalization 12
Human Resources 15
Corporate Governance 17
Financial Performance 19
Future Outlook 20
The Global Life Insurance Industry 20
The Canadian Life Insurance Industry 23
Exhibits 25


Sun Life Financial Services, Canadian life insurance market, History of Sun Life, Mergers and acquisitions, Products and services, Globalisation strategies, Marketing strategies, Human resources strategies, Corporate governance, Global life insurance market

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