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Growth Strategy | Strategic Alliances
Case Length : 22 Pages
Period : 1999-2006
Organization : Indiagames Ltd
Pub Date : 2006
Teaching Note : Not Available
Countries : India
Industry : Media, Entertainment, and Gaming


The case study traces the transformation of Indiagames Ltd, one of the top five mobile game development companies in the world, from a multimedia training center to a global leader in game development.

It describes how the company marketed its products, and also discusses the strategic partnerships and alliances that the company entered into, in order to sustain its competitive edge.

The case also discusses the challenges that the company faces in game development and marketing, and ends with a brief discussion on the company's future prospects.


Learn more about the global and Indian mobile gaming industry
Identify the various options available for growth for a startup company in a developing market, and appreciate the importance of having the right investors, entering into the right partnerships and alliances, and choosing the right markets
Gain insights into the challenges faced by companies operating in fast-evolving, high technology, people-intensive industries in general, and the mobile gaming industry in particular


  Page No.
Introduction 2
Background Note 3
Indiagames: The Initial Years 3
Indiagames Enters the Mobile Games Market 5
Indiagames in the Console Games Arena 11
Challenges 12
Outlook 14
Exhibits 16


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