BMW's "Company of Ideas" Campaign:
Targeting the "Creative Class"

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Auto and Ancillaries
Case Length : 17 Pages
Period : 2004-2006
Pub Date : 2006
Teaching Note : Available
Organization : BMW of North America LLC
Industry : Auto & Ancillaries
Countries : USA


This case is about the "company of ideas" advertising campaign of BMW of North America LLC (BMW LLC), which was unveiled in May 2006 in North America. The communication in these ads were different from the company's communications in the past as the new ads downplayed BMW's performance and strived to project its design prowess, independence, and corporate culture that fostered innovation - promoting BMW as a "company of ideas." In doing so, the company said that they wanted to take their brand beyond its traditional association with yuppies and attract a wider section of luxury car buyers in the US.

The company's new marketing communications campaign was aimed at the creative class, an influential demographic segment in the US. The case highlights the rationale behind the company's new advertising campaign and the initial reactions it received from analysts, marketing experts, and consumers.


Understand the rationale behind the "company of ideas" advertising campaign of BMW of North America LLC.

Understand the marketing communication strategies adopted by a car manufacturer when targeting a new customer segment.

Understand the issues and challenges faced by a strong and well-defined brand in changing its brand image/positioning.


  Page No.
'Fixing What Ain't Broken'? 2
Background Note 3
BMW - The Ultimate Driving Machine 6
Going Beyond the "Yuppies" 6
Targeting the "creative class" 8
The "Company of Ideas" Campaign 7
Reactions To The Campaign 8
Exhibits 9


BMW AG, Creative Class, Positioning, Marketing Communications, Advertising, Segmenting, Targeting, Marketing Segment, Luxury Cars, Yuppies, Innovation, Media Buy, Niche Brand, Mercedes, Al Ries, Automobile Industry, Creativity, Richard Florida.

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