Marketing the 'Lost' TV Drama Series: ABC's Integrated Marketing Strategy

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Marketing ; Advertising and Promotions, Marketing Ethics
Case Length : 15 Pages
Period : 2004-2006
Organization : ABC Entertainment
Pub Date : 2006
Teaching Note : Not Available
Countries : USA
Industry : Media and Entertainment


This case is about the integrated marketing strategy adopted by ABC Entertainment for its hit TV drama series 'Lost', which went on to develop a cult-like following. ABC developed a campaign that included various media channels - official and unofficial websites, fan message boards, online communities, websites that provided details about the characters, podcasts, text-message updates, print magazines, newsletters, Video-on-demand, etc. ABC also resorted to publicity stunts and TV and print ads that gave a real feel to the show. A key component of ABC's strategy was the launch of 'The Lost Experience', a web-based alternative reality game. ABC's marketing efforts further provided ample incentive to the viewers not to skip through the ads, as vital clues to the game were provided in the commercial breaks or during the show.

However, despite being appreciated by many media experts for raising the bar with regard to marketing TV shows, ABC was criticized by some for blurring the line between reality and fiction through the use of fictitious ads in different media.


Understand the integrated marketing campaign adopted by ABC Entertainment for its hit TV drama series 'Lost'

Understand the impact of technological advancements and change in consumer behavior with regard to the TV broadcasting and entertainment industry in the US


  Page No.
The 'Lost' Marketing Experience 1
'Lost' and its Cult Following 3
An Integrated Marketing Campaign 5
'The Lost Experience' - The Center-Piece 7
'Bad twin' 8
ABC Raises the Bar 8
The Criticisms 9
Outlook 10
Exhibits 12


The Lost Experience, ABC Entertainment, Television Drama Series , integrated marketing campaign, online community, TV broadcasting networks, Alternative Reality Game, lifestyle brand, consumer behavior, Marketing Management, Online Digital media, iPod and iTunes, The Walt Disney Company, J.J. Abrams, DVRs and video-on-demand

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