Airtel Zero: The Pandora's Box


Code : COS0114

Year :

Case Length : 5 pages

Industry :Telecommunication Industry

Organization:Bharti Airtel Limited (Airtel)

Period : 2015-2016

Region :

Teaching Note: Available

Structured Assignment : Not Available

Countries : India

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Abstract: The case discusses the events post the launch of ‘Airtel Zero’ by India-based telecommunication company Bharti Airtel Limited (Airtel) on April 06, 2015. ‘Airtel Zero’ was launched as an open platform and as the ‘zero’ in the name implied that the platform would not charge for the data usage by its users to avail a few e-commerce websites, chat applications, and gaming portals. In spite of Airtel Zero’s claimed benefits, it unfurled unexpected repercussions in the digital world on the grounds that it was violating the principles of net neutrality. The case particularly highlights the concerns raised by stakeholders like consumers, e-commerce companies, media and the country’s telecom regulator. The case also discusses the counter argument raised by the senior management of Airtel which opened a whole new debate on the rationality of ‘net neutrality’.

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Pedagogical Objectives:
This case is designed to enable students:

  • Analyze the influence of different stakeholders (customers, employees, partners, shareholders, government, and society) on the strategic decisions of the company.
  • Understand that when value is not created for all the different stakeholders then the business strategy is not sustainable.

    Keywords :Net Neutrality,Free Internet,Differential Pricing,OTT services,Stakeholder,Airtel Zero,Airtel,Digital world

    Contents :
    » Introduction
    » Background Note
    » Exhibit

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