NephroPlus Taps into an Underserved Market to Redefine Dialysis Services

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Region : Asia

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Abstract: The case ‘NephroPlus Taps into an Underserved Market to Redefine Dialysis Services’ describes how the founders of NephroPlus identified and addressed the underserved market for dialysis services in India. NephroPlus was founded in 2010 in Hyderabad, India, by Vikram Vuppala (Vikram), a former business consultant; Kamal D. Shah (Kamal), a former software professional and dialysis patient since 1997; and Sandeep Gudibanda (Sandeep), a serial entrepreneur.

In order to formulate an offering that would meet customers’ needs or wants, it was important for the founders to focus on three basic elements: product features and quality, service features and quality, and price. The case describes how NephroPlus combined all three elements into a competitively attractive market offering that helped it to grow to 200 centers catering to 14,000 patients and two million treatments per year, within a decade of its launch.

The case then describes the various strategies employed by NephroPlus to address the challenges of delivering a standardized dialysis service that offered service value and quality while at the same time differentiating it from other service providers in India. The case also details the various low-cost promotional activities of the company and its strategies to increase market reach. The case study ends with details of the future plans of the company to open similar centers in South East Asian and Middle-Eastern countries..

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Pedagogical Objectives:

  • Learn to address the different product levels while planning a market offering.
  • Understand the distinctive elements of a service offering.
  • Understand the concept of service differentiation.
  • Learn the different low-cost marketing strategies that healthcare startups can adopt.
  • Learn the importance of standardizing service quality and value during scale-up.

    Keywords : Services Marketing; Service Value; Service Offering; Service Differentiation; Low-cost Marketing Strategies, Standardizing Service Quality, Market Entry Strategies

    Contents :

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