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Corporate Environmental Responsibility: A Case on ITC Limited

Case Title:

The Tata Nano: A Successful CSR Strategy?

Publication Month and Year : 2010

Authors: S Chhaochharia, R Khanna and P Krishnan

Industry: Automobiles


Case Code: CSR0073IRC

Teaching Note: Not Available

Structured Assignment: Not Available


In January 2008, India's largest automobile company, Tata Motors showcased its dream, the 'People's Car' named Nano, worth 1 lakh rupees. The Nano had been manufactured targeting the Indian middle class and was therefore a reflection of Tata's efforts towards corporate social responsibility (CSR). However, since the car was a product of frugal engineering, analysts were sceptical about the impacts of such a car on the environment. They questioned Tata's ability to create a low cost car for the masses without sacrificing quality and safety standards. They were apprehensive about the impacts of such low cost cars, as they could accentuate the already serious traffic scenario in India. Tata had defended its Nano, saying that it would cause less pollution than two wheelers, and instead questioned the moral authority of the people who were opposing middle class people owning a car. However, the question remained as to whether Nano would eventually be able to overcome the challenges and emerge as a successful initiative of Tata Motors.

Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To analyse the Tata Nano 'The low cost car' as a reflection of CSR on the part of Tata Motors.
  • To understand the environmental impacts of the low cost car.
  • To analyse whether the Nano would be able to overcome the challenges and emerge as a successful initiative of Tata Motors.

Keywords :  Tata Motors, Ratan Tata, People's car, Nano, Corporate social responsibility, Geneva auto show, 1 lakh rupees, Masses, Cost cutting, Singur, Environment, Frugal engineering, Emission norms, Low cost car, Sustainability


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