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US Financial Crisis Case Studies

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Case Code Case Title Case Studies Structured Assignment Teaching Notes* Re-Print Permission *
TRT0085 Managing Downturn without Downsizing (A): US Financial Crisis & Layoffs
TRT0086 Managing Crises Built to Last Companies
TRT0089 Managing Downturn without Downsizing (B): Innovative Job Saving Schemes
TRT0090 Managing Downturn: Kmart and Other Retailers Innovate their Operating Model with Click and Pickup Services
RTS0130 Luxury Industry in Turbulent Times
GOV0041 Bank Bailouts and Bonuses: From Financial Bankruptcy to Moral Bankruptcy? * Award Winning Case Study
ECC0053IRC US Financial Crisis: Impact on Emerging Markets
ECC0006 US Financial Crisis: Takeover of Wachovia By Wells Fargo
ECC0007 US Financial Crisis: The Effects on Global Banking
ECC0008 US Financial Crisis: How far can the Rating Agencies be Blamed?
ECC0009 US Financial Crisis: Iceland's Unintended Consequences
ECC0010 US Financial Crisis: Where are the Economists?
ECC0011 US Financial Crisis: The Story of Smart Bankers and Laid Back Regulators
ECC0012 US Financial Crisis: The Chinese Connection
MEBE0013 US Financial Crisis: Is this Great Depression II in the making?
ECC0014 US Financial Crisis: Would the Bailout work
ECC0015 US Financial Crisis : Crony Capitalism? Privatising Profits and Socialising Losses?
ECC0016 US Financial crisis and Bailout: Whose Burden is that any way
ECC0017 US Financial Crisis: The Role of Sub-Prime Mortgages
ECC0018 US Financial Crisis: The Bail-out of AIG


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