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Case Studies on Financial Markets

Edited by : Chiradeep Chatterjee
ISBN : 81-314-1209-6
Price: $40  ( INR)
238 pages( Hardcover edition )

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The days, when sovereign governments used to administer almost insulated economic systems, are gone. And gone with them is the age of savings by individual investors, secured and guaranteed by their respective governments. Post-globalisation, financial markets have become highly relevant to human society. Individual investors today look up to these markets and have become savvy enough to tuck in the trends. From the macroeconomic viewpoint, interesting trends are the influence of the dollar on other nations, consolidation in financial markets, and the resurgence of Asian markets. The dollarís influence persists mainly due to its continued acceptance as the anchor for international trade. This makes US domestic economic policy effects to spill over into the distant economies. On the one hand, globalisation abetted by proliferation of Internet has influenced this. To counter US supremacy, capital markets especially in Europe have resorted to integration. They have embraced modern technology in a big way, worrying the US capital markets. On the other hand, globalisation has helped Asian countries benefit from the proliferation of manufacturing technology; also making them economic powerhouses. Resurgent Southeast Asian economies were dubbed as ĎAsian Tigersí. These nations Ė saddled by the vestiges of old practices smacked of red tape and nepotism. But economic imperatives have made them embrace professional management practices. Of late, India and China emerged as potential economic superpowers. Experts predict they will exert greater influence on financial markets.

The book has been divided into three sections: US financial markets, European financial markets, and Asian financial markets. There are cases related to market innovations and how advantages from them have been nullified by human greed. There are also cases highlighting issues, relating to accounting principles and market regulations. Cases on European markets focus on how private equity has helped transform conservative businesses, integration of European bourses to counter US supremacy and other regulatory aspects. Finally, the Asian section focusses on the problems faced by Southeast Asian economies. Innovative instruments in Indian financial markets and inherent problems have also been discussed. This book will interest those people who want to get a deeper insight into the functioning of world financial markets.

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