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CDC Casebooks are a compilation of the best selling case studies categorised based on management concepts, industries and companies. These casebooks intend to serve as a handbook of model case studies for students, teachers, researchers and practitioners in the management world. Our Casebooks are exemplary resources designed to help deepen knowledge on the management theories and concepts helping to enhance their decision-making skills.

Casebook in Aviation Industry - Vol. I

Aviation Industry - Vol. I

Price: $50 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 81-314-1210-X
Compilation of the experiences of various airlines across geographical regions. It spotlights what caused few airlines to prosper while others perished.

Casebook in Best Practices - Vol. I

Best Practices - Vol. I

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-2201-4
Best practice for a company can be in terms of innovation, strategic planning, human resource management, quality assurance, risk management or sustainable growth. The cases given in this book trigger an idea as to how each of the companies have come up with an innovative strategy that helped them to gain a competitive advantage over the others.

Casebook in Brand Management - Vol. I

Brand Management - Vol. I

Price: $35 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 81-314-0696-2
Showcases the branding efforts undertaken by some of the world’s most renowned companies, which are or have been market leaders or strong competitors in their respective industries.

Casebook in Brand Management Vol. II

Brand Management Vol. II

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-2201-4
The cases given in the book are based on companies in the real-time business environment that have become brands – either iconic or cult brands. This book includes interesting case studies about various brands that became powerful brands, brands that were losing out their value, companies that were trying to restore their brands, etc.

Casebook in Brewery Industry Old Wine in a New Bottle?  - Vol.I

Brewery Industry Old Wine in a New Bottle? - Vol.I

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-2452-0
All the ten case studies compiled in this book provide strategic insights on the development trends, the brewers’ response to various challenges and their competitive strategies.

Casebook in Business Environment  - Vol. I

Business Environment - Vol. I

Price: $40 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 81-314-0602-4
Provides insights into some of the companies ,successful in managing their ever-changing and demanding business environments. This book makes an essential reading for all those executives managing or desirous of managing different business environments.

Casebook in Business Models - Vol.1

Business Models - Vol.1

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 81-314-0692-X
Highlights how important a Business Model is to survive evolving markets in the world. This casebook also entails the primary elements and characteristics of a company`s business model through illustrative case studies.

Casebook in Business Models - Vol.2

Business Models - Vol.2

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-1472-9
Is the existing business model viable enough to survive? When should a company look for a new business model? This case book helps to identify and analyse such issues with examples of case studies.

Casebook in Change Management

Change Management

Price: $50 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-1483-5
This executive book on Change Management includes cutting edge, well-researched and most practical articles. Also included are interviews with three of the best change management consultants. It's a must-read for all those executives planning for a serious and substantial change initiatives in their respective organizations.

Casebook in China Inc.: Going Global

China Inc.: Going Global

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-1652-5
Chinese companies are looking to make a global impact and achieve high performance. More and more Chinese companies, having won their spurs in their domestic market, are starting to explore new horizons through globalization. In recent years, it has virtually become a fashion for Chinese companies to go global.
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