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CDC Casebooks are a compilation of the best selling case studies categorised based on management concepts, industries and companies. These casebooks intend to serve as a handbook of model case studies for students, teachers, researchers and practitioners in the management world. Our Casebooks are exemplary resources designed to help deepen knowledge on the management theories and concepts helping to enhance their decision-making skills.

Casebook in Multicultural Teams

Multicultural Teams

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-2117-8
This volume of case studies, offers valuable insights and views on managing multicultural teams. It includes views of renowned experts on managing multicultural teams. It would make an interesting reading for management students, academia and corporate managers as well, on the different issues that companies face while dealing with employees belonging to various ethnicities.

Casebook in New Age Marketing– Vol. I

New Age Marketing– Vol. I

Price: $35 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 81-314-0489-7
Provides insights into understanding the marketing strategies adopted by various companies and the efforts made by them to overcome these challenges. It also helps in bridging the gap between theory and practice by facilitating an understanding of when and how to apply concepts and techniques of the management curriculum.

Casebook in Oil Industry - Vol. I

Oil Industry - Vol. I

Price: $50 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-2039-3
Presents a panorama of case studies, dealing with an array of issues challenging the very foundations of the global oil industry. Some of them are expressly evoked – including dwindling supplies, common growth strategies of oil giants, mergers and acquisitions and corporate culture.

Casebook in Outsourcing Trends - Vol. I

Outsourcing Trends - Vol. I

Price: $35 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 81-314-0610-5
Describes the trends in the outsourcing industry and strategic objectives lying behind these trends. The cases in the latter part of the book highlight the Indian outsourcing scenario, and the challenges faced by the BPO firms in India.

Casebook in Public Policy - Vol. I

Public Policy - Vol. I

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 81-314-0691-1
Presents the ways of government intervention through public policy. Government policies for industry are aimed at sustained economic growth. This casebook discusses the government policies used through monetary policy, fiscal policy to ensure growth. Over the years, more so in the transition economies, government policies led to innovation and competition.

Casebook in Retail Industry Vol.I

Retail Industry Vol.I

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-2045-4
This book compiles the case studies that helps us to understand how the retail industry is evolving, the challenges it is facing and how the retailers are addressing these issues

Casebook in Social Entrepreneurship Vol I

Social Entrepreneurship Vol I

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-1912-0
This book sensitises would-be-managers, the academia and other readers to understand problems that are not dealt with in a typical management course. The case studies included in the book help the reader to comprehend the concept of social entrepreneurship and try to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Casebook in Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution

Price: $50 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-2457-5
Even a well crafted and well thought out strategy can just be an unwarranted disaster without equally well-orchestrated execution. As it is often said, god is in details. The success of any strategy lies in how well it is executed. A great strategy with poor execution is not only disastrous but would have preempted any possible good strategies in future. This executive book on strategy execution captures proven ideas on strategy execution from some of the finest global strategy execution experts.

Casebook in Turnaround Strategies Vol. I

Turnaround Strategies Vol. I

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-2200-7
This book incorporates case studies of those organizations that exemplify remarkable turnaround efforts. The cases highlight the crisis situations that the companies faced and how they were handled to prevent a decline. All cases draw on real-time management problems and each case shows the importance of leadership in the turnaround.

Casebook in US Automobile Industry

US Automobile Industry

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-1642-6
Highlighting the plight of the US carmakers, the book, Case Studies on US Automobile Industry, has assorted some of the finest case studies on the most successful carmakers in the US that were later mired into trouble. The book also discusses the various strategies being implemented by these carmakers to regain their lost market share in the US as well as their search for global status by venturing into new markets.
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