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CDC Casebooks are a compilation of the best selling case studies categorised based on management concepts, industries and companies. These casebooks intend to serve as a handbook of model case studies for students, teachers, researchers and practitioners in the management world. Our Casebooks are exemplary resources designed to help deepen knowledge on the management theories and concepts helping to enhance their decision-making skills.

Casebook in Emerging Giants from Emerging Markets

Emerging Giants from Emerging Markets

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-1955-7
This casebook highlights how few giants from emerging markets have given stiff competition to established companies. Helps to answers to Questions like – What are the challenges faced by such companies while going global? What strengths and capabilities do

Casebook in Enterpreneurship - Vol. I

Enterpreneurship - Vol. I

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 81-314-0692-X
Generates new ideas, employment and increases productivity. With social entrepreneurs seeking practical solutions to social problems, entrepreneurship has evolved beyond just profit making.

Casebook in Ethics and Corporate Governance - Vol. I

Ethics and Corporate Governance - Vol. I

Price: $30 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 81-314-0453-6
Enables a better understanding of ethical and corporate governance issues plaguing some of the best companies in the world. Along with dilemmas and their resolution, the governance initiatives are also highlighted.

Casebook in European Automobile Industry

European Automobile Industry

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-2115-4
All the 12 case studies compiled in this book help readers not only to understand the emergence and growth of the European automobile industry but also shed light on various strategies – adopted by automakers like Volkswagen, Renault and Audi – like regaining market share from foreign counterparts, enhancing brand image to compete with rival brands, launching low-priced models by leveraging on low-cost production facilities and various other initiatives like exploring new growth avenues to earn sustainable profits.

Casebook in Fashion Retailing

Fashion Retailing

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-2044-7
Highlights extensively on the aspects of value chain, including manufacturing and retailing, business models and other startegies of fashion houses. It also covers themes and issues like globalisation, fast fashion, competitive forces, luxury fashion etc. Ideal for fashion retailing and fashion management programmes

Casebook in Fast Food Retailing Industry - Vol. I

Fast Food Retailing Industry - Vol. I

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-2456-8
No one doubts the market potential of fast food retailing industry. However, what everyone knows is that not everyone can make money in fast food retailing industry. Why? What are the critical success factors in fast food retailing industry - brands, marketing blitzkrieg, supply chain management, the number of stores (size), etc? The cases compiled in this book are an attempt to give a holistic understanding of the emergence of the fast food industry and the challenges faced by the players in the industry.

Casebook in Financial Markets

Financial Markets

Price: $40 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 81-314-1209-6
Will interest those people who want to get a deeper insight into the functioning of world financial markets. The book includes cases related to market innovations and how advantages from them have been nullified by human greed. There are also cases highlighting issues, relating to accounting principles and market regulations.

Casebook in Global Automobile Industry - Vol.I

Global Automobile Industry - Vol.I

Price: $30 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 81-314-0611-3
Captures the trends, success stories, failed strategies, innovations and impeding challenges in the automobile industry. It does not offer any set of rules but rather helps one to gauge the likely shape of the global automobile industry in the years to come.

Casebook in Global Banking Industry: The New Horizons

Global Banking Industry: The New Horizons

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-2414-8
With the US Financial Crisis (2008) on hindsight, an understanding of global banking industry is essential to chart the future course of action for the global banking industry. Would it be the same as it was before October 2008? How was the global banking industry organized and managed (and manipulated) before the US Financial Crisis?

Casebook in Going Global: The Challenges vol.I

Going Global: The Challenges vol.I

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-1938-0
What it takes to go global? What precautions are to be taken before going global? Are there any practices that should definitely be avoided and similarly are there any best practices that can be and should be imbibed from some companies. This exclusive compilation of case studies on going global addresses these issues. Many of these case studies are best selling case studies from the stable of IBSCDC.
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