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Case Studies on Macroeconomics - Vol.I

Edited by : Mercy Mathew
ISBN : 81-314-0490-0
Price: $35  ( INR)
292 pages( Hardcover edition )

Snapshot of the casebook

In recent years, the world economy has undergone drastic changes. Globalisation, financial crisis, and fundamental changes associated with the ‘new economy’ have made macroeconomics an essential prerequisite study for the business manager and policy maker. The case studies featured in this book, highlight the goals and conflicts in macroeconomic management such as sustainability of economic growth, low and stable inflation, full employment and a satisfactory external trade position. Providing a short theoretical framework, the book, case studies on Macroeconomics, helps in understanding the developments on the economic front in EU and countries like US, Japan and China among others, which have become a challenge to the decision makers. The interface between macroeconomics and business fortunes has radically changed with the deepening globalisation efforts. No company is insulated from the macroeconomic trends. The companies can either benefit from or get bogged down with these trends. Those companies that take advantage emerge as the winners. The case studies, included in this book Case Studies on Macroeconomics - Vol.I, capture some of the global economic trends and the possible impact on the business fortunes.

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