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Growth Strategies Case Study

Case Title:

National Australia Bank in UK: Cross-Selling Strategies

Publication Year : 2006

Authors: Rajendar Singh, Sumit Kumar Chaudhuri

Industry: Banking and Financial Services

Region: UK

Case Code: GRS0146

Teaching Note: Not Available

Structured Assignment: Not Available


Since its entry into Europe in the late 1980s, National Australia Bank has focused on expansion through acquisitions and has been operating as a one-stop shop for all the financial needs of its customers. However, in the UK, due to intense competition and its absence in the 'wealthy' southeast England, the bank faced the problem of 'too many branches, too few customers'. It was forced to sell off its Irish banks and focus on its core UK business. To revamp its declining sales, the bank launched various cross-selling initiatives, changed its work culture and redesigned its offices to offer its customers a club-like ambience.

Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To discuss the various cross-selling strategies adopted by National Australia Bank
  • To discuss whether it can achieve its targeted growth in the highly competitive European banking industry.

Keywords : NAB (National Australia Bank); Cross-selling initiatives; Expansion through acquisitions; European banking industry; Restructuring strategies; Organisation work culture; Streamlining of operations; Australian banking industry; Yorkshire and Clydesdale Bank; Autonomy and decision making; Trading scandal in National Australia Bank (NAB); John Stewart; Growth Strategies Case Study; Customer relationship management; Integrated Financial Solutions Centre; Customer satisfaction and retention

Contents : 
National Australia Bank: Operations in UK
Reasons Cited by John Stewart for the Underperformance of NAB
The Cross-selling Initiatives
NAB’s CRM Systems
National Australia Bank: Modernising its Building Designs
National Australia Bank’s International Expansion
Independent British Banks
British Banking Brands Owned by Foreign Banks

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