Growth Strategies Case Study

Case Title:

Growth Strategies for Emerging Markets : Nokia in India

Publication Year : 2008

Authors: Nilosha Sharma and Shahnaz Hussain, Joel Sarosh Thadamalla

Industry: Mobile Phone

Region: USA

Case Code: GRS0267A

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In 2006, Nokia, the world's largest producer of mobile phones, was the market leader in India with 78.8% of the market share. Since its entry into Indian mobile market in 1995, it focused on manufacturing of mobile handsets based on GSM technology. Nokia built a strong brand image with focused marketing and distribution network. It started focusing on the low-cost mobile phone segment for rural markets in India, but, faced stiff competition from Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and Motorola who also started offering low-cost handsets. Nokia's under developed infrastructural facilities and low coverage were the biggest challenges for it to reach rural customers. The case facilitates a discussion on whether Nokia will be able to improve its performance and sustain its leadership position in India

Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To understand marketing strategies in mass markets
  • To understand the demand dynamics of the rural mobile handset market in India
  • To analyse growth strategies of Nokia in the wake of increasing competition from other global players
  • To analyse the strategic challenges faced by Nokia in marketing in the rural mobile handset market in India.

Keywords :  Nokia; Mobile Handset Market; GSM Technology; CDMA Technology; GPRS; Communication Strategy; Motorola; Samsung; LG; Growth Strategies Case Study; Sony Ericsson; Nokia Siemens Village Connection; Product Innovation; Marketing Strategy; Competitors

Contents : 
About Nokia
Nokia’s Revenues
Nokia Selected Financial Figures for Q4 and 2006
Top Three Leading Brand Preferences in 2006 in India
Nokia Group Net Sales by Business
A study made by Center for Knowledge Societies commissioned by Nokia

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