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Hyderabad House’s Franchisee Operating Model
(An Interview with Mr. Zubair Ahmed, Operations Director, Hyderabad House)

Business Model

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Operating Model

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HR Policies

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Who is this video about?

Mr. Mir Zubair Ahmed is Director Operations, Hyderabad house. Prior to his formal education in Hotel Management course he has started handling the outlets at different levels as a cashier, made home deliveries etc. Being eldest son in the family, after the formal graduation, he is initiated into the operations of Hyderabad House. He has also been a part of handling the finance of the company, franchisee model and their training, etc.

What is this video about?

Hyderabad House offers traditional dishes cooked to perfection and served in a well decorated and soothing atmosphere. It is dedicated to providing customers with a mix of North and Hyderabadi Cuisine. In this interview Mr. Zubair Ahmed takes us through the journey of Hyderabad House since its inception. He speaks about the business model of Hyderabad house in that he explains about the target segments in India and abroad, the difference in the menu, the pricing aspects, the business expansion plans. He highlights about the competition they face in India as well as abroad. He outlines how they score over their competitors in terms of - retail business chain model, their product quality, cooking processes and their recipes.

He also speaks about the unique operating model which is a franchisee model and the kitchen less restaurants. He also explains on the requirements to be fulfilled for the franchising. In the last session of the interview he speaks about the HR policies – recruitment, training and career growth of the employees of Hyderabad House.

Recommended to use this video in:

  1. Entrepreneurship and Strategy Courses - Understanding the Business Model of Hyderabad House – Target segment, pricing policies, Menus, expansion of the business abroad
  2. Retailing Courses - Understanding the franchisee operating model of Hyderabad House
  3. Human Resources Management (HRM) Courses - Understanding the HR policies and the employee welfare policies of Hyderabad House.

Video Details

Title : An Interview with Mr. Zubair Ahmed, Operations Director, Hyderabad House

Released Date: 17th April,2009.

Interviewed by Mr. Manoj Kumar, Mr. Neeraj Kumar Chandrakar

Price : $ (1000 INR)

Duration : 38 min


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