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MODIfying Gujarat
(An interview with Mr.Narendra Modi, Chief Minister Gujarat, India.)

Excerpts from Interview with Mr.Narendra Modi, Chief Minister Gujarat, India.

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Nature: Sample
Duration: 3:07 min

Recommended to use this video for:

  1. Understanding Gujaratís Growth model
  2. Debating the role of Government in promoting Business
  3. Understanding how a state can be better governed
  4. How, by being a proactive state, the Government can be made Policy-Driven
  5. Discussing the effect of Governance reforms in Government

Who is this video about?

Narendra Modi was born in 1950 in the West Indian state of Gujarat, which would be later ruled by him. He volunteered his services during disastrous times of war and floods across India. This experience at disaster management would help him handle a major disaster during his second tenure as Gujaratís Chief Minister (CM). His student life was nonetheless spent in active movements and he formally entered politics in 1987, by joining the national Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Within a year, and later, he took up responsible positions with the BJP at the state and national levels. After carving a niche as a master strategist, Modi was made Gujaratís CM in 2001. His people-centred politics won him widespread support and he could retain his CM post in the general elections next year. Even a third tenure didnít elude him in 2007. Modi inherited a resource-rich state and helped make it richer in many ways. Gujarat could sweep many awards too like UN Sasakawa Award for disaster reduction, CAPAM award for innovation in governance, UNESCO award, etc. His state topped in industrial investment (MOUs) and major health care services. Modi has even been voted Indiaís top CM. Few know that he has authored three books and many essays too.

What is this video about?

Winning is not all that is to a game. But without strategy, any game can be lost. Gujarat's chief minister, Narendra Modi knows this very well. Strategy - or policy as it is called in political circles - has been by Modi's side in good as well as bad times. Whether it is taming a huge bureaucracy or timing his functions, Modi is well-adapted and so has his state. He rests his state's functioning on five pillars that are equally important. Lesser emphasis on one pillar, he believes, can bring his state down. Know those grand pillars and how he helped erect them in this candid interview. Get answers to critical questions like is Gujarat's development model exportable and if so, how?

Video Details

Title : Interview with Mr.Narendra Modi, Chief Minister Gujarat, India.

Interviewed by Dr. Nagendra V. Chowdary, Mr. Siddharth Shanker

Released Date: 3rd August, 2008.

Price : $ (1000 INR)

Duration : 25 min

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