Microsoft and Sun Microsystems : Sleeping with the Enemy?


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Industry : Information Technology and IT Enabled Services

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Battle for Standards In 1995, Sun developed the Java programming language thatwas intended to offer developers the ability towrite small programs called applets, which could be distributed via the Internet and run on any operating system environment. This 'write once, run anywhere' language was positioned as a way to create interactive web applications...

Common Customers, Common Fate... The reason cited for the coming together of the two companies was to, improve interoperability between Microsoft and Sun products.While most customers used network server computers made by Sun, which ran either Solaris or Linux, most of their employee desktops ran Windows. Despite each company's desire to become the sole platform within large organisations, businesses had continued to use a combination of both the products said Mark Tolliver, Sun's chief strategy officer...

Microsoft: Trials and Tribulations... Jay Greene wrote in a BusinessWeek cover story, "...Microsoft just isn't the phenomit used to be. After 29 years, the software giant is starting to look like a star athlete who's past his prime. Growth is tepid. Expansion is stymied. Bureaucracy is a concern. And a company that used to be so intimidating it attracted antitrust suits on two continents seems, well, vulnerable"...

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