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Governance in Politics
(An Interview with Dr. Jayaprakash Narayanan, National Coordinator of Lok Satta Party)

Commercial Organisation & Political Organisation

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Governance in Politics

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Economic Crisis & Role of Government

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Who is this video about?

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayanan (JP) is the National Coordinator of Lok Satta Party. Originally a physician, he joined civil services after passing IAS in 1980. During his 16-year tenure in public service, Dr. JP held various positions in various capacities across the districts of Andhra Pradesh. Even today, he is fondly remembered for many accomplishments to his credit in various fields – agriculture, irrigation, technology and youth rehabilitation.

However, Dr.JP could not turn his personal success into national development as he strongly believed that faulty governance impedes India’s path to progress. Thereby, he resigned from IAS in 1996 and became a democrat by conviction. Leading the beginning of a new political culture, he formed Lok Satta movement in 1997 that gradually grew to become India’s leading civil society initiative for political ad governance reforms, more popular in Andhra Pradesh.

Dr. JP has also written columns in some of the national dailies like Times of India, Economic Times, The Hindu and Financial Express.

What is this video about?

In this video Interview Dr. JP shares with us

  • (a) the similarities and dissimilarities between commercial organization and political organization
    • – In this he speaks about the differences in organizational structure of a company and a political party; the vision, mission of an organization with that of a political party.
    • – He also discusses about the succession plans of the Lok Satta party, the challenges in leadership positions and shares his views on the joint alliances in politics.
  • (b) Governance in politics
    • – Here he compares the role of corporate governance in an organization with that of a political party.
  • (c) The current economic crisis and the role of government in providing help/support to the business.

Recommended to use this video for:

  1. (a) Organizational Structure - for understanding how running a political organization is different from running a commercial organization.
  2. (b) Public Policy Courses - for understanding the scope and importance of delivering governance in politics.
  3. (c) Managing Economic Crisis - for understanding the role of government in managing an economic crisis.

Video Details

Title : An Interview with Dr. Jayaprakash Narayanan, National Coordinator of Lok Satta Party
Released Date : 1st May,2009.
Interviewed by : Mr. T.E.Rassull, Mr. Thangellapalli Shilpi, Mr. Avinash Agarwal.
Price : $ (1000 INR)
Duration : 56 min
Keywords : Government and Business, Politics, Political Leaders, Political Leadership, Corporate Leadership, Political Leadership Vs Corporate Leadership, Political Organization Vs Commercial Organization, Leadership, Governance in Political Organizations, US Financial Crisis, US Financial Crisis and India, Public Private Partnerships, Public Private Partnerships in India


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