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Gloom to Glory
(An Interview with Mir Ranjan Negi, Former Indian Hockey Coach)

The Love for Hockey & The world of Hockey

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The Allegations and Managing the Trauma

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Well Deserved Celebrity Status:From Gloom to Glory

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Who is this video about?

Mir Ranjan Negi (Negi), the former Indian Hockey player and coach started playing hockey at the age of 13. What started as a summer vacation soon turned out to be his passion for a lifetime. Though he had keen interest in different sports, including cricket, football, volleyball and hockey, it was his coach, Ashok Yadhav, who brought out Negi’s skill in playing hockey and made him focus on one single game.

He was the goalkeeper for the Indian Hockey team during 1982 Asian Games. The 7-1 defeat at the hands of Pakistan pushed Indian sports into humiliation, vilifying Negi for the loss and branded him as a traitor. From then on, life became a nightmare for him and left with no choice, he quit the game.

Negi made a come back after 16 years as a coach for Indian hockey team during 1998 Asian Games and redeemed his honor as India won Gold. But soon, he was sacked by the ungrateful federation. After 4 years, he was back to train the girls hockey team during 2002 Commonwealth Games and won applauds as the team won Gold.

He wrote a book, From Gloom to Glory, his autobiography of the travails and triumphs as a hockey goalkeeper and coach. He also worked as a technical director for Chak De! India, a film made drawing inspiration from Negi’s life, particularly his hockey career.

What is this video about?

This is a true story nothing less than either a blockbuster or a potboiler. It’s the true manifestation of how human spirit can overcome any crisis. This interview captures the life of Mir Ranjan Negi - his love for hockey, the allegations against him during the 1982 Asian Games and how he managed the trauma for 16 years with immense support from his immediate family members and his friends. He also shares the experience of being a technical director for the movie Chak De! India, which was a real turning point in his life. He left no stones unturned in making the characters look real as none of the girls had either played or watched hockey. He also speaks about the Hockey academy he has started and shares his future plans.

This video can be used for:

  1. (a) Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management course – for understanding the dynamics of self-motivation, self-image, and attitudes.
  2. (b) Managing Troubled Times course – what it takes to go through the trauma times for 16 full years and bounce back with new vitality and rigor
  3. (c) Leadership course – for understanding the qualities of a leader

Video Details

Title : An Interview with Mir Ranjan Negi, Former Indian Hockey Coach
Released Date : 28th April,2009.
Interviewed by : Mr. Shammi Kumar, Mr. Anupam Maheswari, Mr. Bishwajeet Kumar.
Price : $ (1000 INR)
Duration : 57 min
Keywords : Organizational Behavior, Motivation, Self-Motivation, Self-Image, Attitudes and Perceptions, Team Building, National Pride, Leadership, Manager, Leaders Vs Managers, Managing Crisis, ChakDe India


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