Goldman Sachs Shared Responsibility?


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Industry : Investment Bank

Region : US

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Abstract: Goldman Sachs, one of the most profitable and powerful investment banks in the world had become the favorite target of anti-bank protestors in the US, after the Securities Exchange Commission, indicted the bank for its alleged role in misleading the mortgage investors. The bank’s corporate culture also came under scrutiny after its Executive Director Greg Smith resigned from the bank alleging that firm was making money by ripping its clients. The case looks into the role of investment banks like Goldman Sachs during the US financial crisis and the details of the instruments created by then during the US housing bubble and also envelopes the debate on corporate ethics and legality.

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Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To comprehend the business segments in major investment banks
  • To comprehend the business segments in major investment banks
  • To debate on the role of investment banks in creating and selling instruments like RMBS, CDO and CDS
  • To understand and discuss transparency, conflict of interest, and ethical behavior of the investment banks and their employees toward their clients and investors

    Keywords : Lloyd Blankfein, Greg Smith, Robert Reich, John C.Whitehead, Henry Paulson, Robert Rubin, David Lehman, Fabrice Tourre, Abacus, AIG, Anderson Mezzanine, Asset Management and Securities Services, Business Principles, collateralized debt obligations (CDO), Corporate Culture, credit-default swaps (CDS), Goldman Sachs, high risk, housing bubble, housing prices, Hudson Mezzanine, Institutional Client Services, Investing and Lending, Investment Bank, Investment Banking, Investment Management, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Mortgage related securities, Mortgage Securities, regulatory failures, residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS), Timberwolf, Toxic Instruments, Trading and Principal Investments, US financial crisis, US financial institutions, US mortgage market

    Contents :
    » Background
    » Business Segments
    » Goldman Trades
    » SEC Charges Against Goldman Saches

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