US Financial Crisis: A Story of Smart Bankers and Laid Back Regulators?


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Industry : Banking, Insurance and Financial Services

Region : US

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Abstract: Immediately post US Financial Crisis in 2008, the blame game began as to who was responsible for the gargantuan financial crisis. While some blamed the regulators for their laxity and inaction in monitoring the financial markets, many others said that the greed of the Wall Street bankers was responsible for the mess. It was even suggested that the smart investment bankers outplayed the regulators in circumventing the rules and regulations. The case study discusses the role of the bankers and the regulators in the US economy and to what extent were they responsible for the financial crisis. The dilemma in the case is whether the idea of laissez faire is stretched too far.

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Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To understand the role of regulators and investment bankers in American economy
  • To analyse the contribution of both the regulators and the bankers in precipitating the US Financial Crisis
  • To understand if the investment bankers outsmarted the regulators.
    Keywords :Financial crisis, Federal Reserve, SEC, Subprime, Mortgage, Interest rate, Housing, CAMEL, Basel, Banking regulations, Financial markets, Deregulation

    Contents :
    US: Role of Regulators and Investment Bankers
    Wrestle between Bankers and Regulators

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