Moser Baer, the Indian Optical Media Giant's Techno-marketing Strategies: Would the FMCG Way Pay Off?


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Industry : Engineering, Electrical and Electronics

Region : India

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Abstract: This case study enables an interesting discussion on how a technology company, whose business model was different from a FMCG company, started following the operating model of FMCG companies in its marketing strategies.

Moser Baer, the first global Indian company, transformed itself into a multi-technology firm by adopting related diversification strategy. It entered the home entertainment sector through forward integration with its core competency in manufacturing CDs/DVDs. It adopted the FMCG model in marketing its products after foraying into the movie video segment. However, the big question is to what extent will the model adopted by Moser Baer in marketing pay off?

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Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To analyse Moser Baer’s earlier business model in order to understand the organisational focus and organisational capabilities
  • To explore and debate on the relationship between the core competency of an organisation and its diversification (related) strategies
  • To debate on whether Moser Baer’s diversification strategies would pay off given the impending challenges in marketing and distribution

    Keywords :Sales and distribution, Marketing strategies, Retailing, Core competency, Organisational capabilities, Low-cost, HUL, Related diversification, FMCG model, Moser Baer, Optical media storage, Home entertainment, Original Equipment Manufacturer, Home Video, Piracy

    Contents :
    » Moser Baer: The First Indian Company to Go Global
    » Moser Baer’s Expansion into Indian Movie Industry: The Retailing of DVDs
    » Moser Baer’s Marketing Strategies: The Payoffs

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