StreetShine, UKs Social Enterprise: Making the Business to make a Difference


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Industry : Personal Care Products

Region : USA

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Abstract: Street Shine was founded in early-2004 by Nick Grant as a social enterprise to provide employment to the homeless in London. It has formed an alliance with 23 offices and one hotel in London to provide the shoe-shining service. However, as it plans to become a self-sustained business by 2007, it is facing certain challenges that are commonly encountered by social enterprises, especially if they are in the business of shoe shining, which is considered to be demeaning by many.

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Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To understand the factors that led to the genesis of social enterprises and social entrepreneurship
  • To analyse the need for and the impact of social enterprises on society
  • To discuss the business model of StreetShine and debate whether it can become a self-sustained enterprise in the near future

    Keywords :Entrepreneurship Case Study, Nick Grant, Definition of social entrepreneurship, Social entrepreneurship life cycle, Social enterprise, Social entrepreneurship, Shoe-shining, Non-government organisations, Ashoka Fellows, A glimmer of hope, Mohammed Yunus, Bangladesh Grameen Bank, Bill Drayton

    Contents :
    The Genesis of Social Enterprises
    StreetShines Business Model

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