Shreya Ukil vs. Wipro: Lessons in Workplace Gender Discrimination

Code : HRM0087

Year :

Organization :
Wipro, London

Industry : IT Sector

Region : England and India

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Abstract: The case elucidates the instance of gender discrimination, victimization and wrongful dismissal of Shreya Ukil (Ukil), a sales and marketing manager in Wipro, London. Ukil filed a case in UK employment tribunal against Wipro on charges of sex disparity in pay seeking a compensation of 1.2 million pounds. It all started when Ukil joined Wipro, London on a promotion after she worked for Wipro, Bengaluru for seven years. Ukil discovered that she was paid considerably lower than her male colleagues. When questioned about the disparity, her Manager advised Ukil to leave his team for her concerns over pay. Later, Ukil joined Manoj Punja (Punja), Global Head of Sales. Within a short while, Ukil alleged that Punja forced her into a relationship. In vein, Ukil wrote to Azim Premji (Premji) about her grievances by a mail. Premji assured her fair investigation and handed over the case to the internal investigating committee. The committee reported no instance of discrimination. Disheartened by the circumstances, Ukil resigned while she was on sick leave. Wipro refused to accept her resignation. After few days Ukil and Punja were fired for not adhering to the code of conduct of the company. It was mandatory to report about their relation to Wipro.

In September 2014, Ukil filed a suit on Wipro for gender disparity, unequal pay and unfair dismissal. In May 2016, the UK tribunal pronounced its verdict. The suit of gender discrimination, victimisation and unequal pay was in favour of Ukil, while Wipro won the claim for wrongful dismissal. The tribunal expressed that the dismissal was “unfair” not “wrongful”. The amount of compensation was to be decided later. Ukil said the judgment was in favour of women who fought for their rights.

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Pedagogical Objectives:

  • Understand the consequences of gender discrimination.
  • Examine the consequences of unequal pay amongst men and women.
  • Study the importance of ethical behavior in workplace.
  • Identify the issues related to victimization.
  • Evaluate how organizations deal with concerns raised by women employees.

    Keywords : Gender Discrimination, Victimization, Ethical standard of behavior, Equal employment opportunity, Gender equality, Unequal pay, Wrongful dismissal

    Contents :

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