Gumroad Discards E-mail for More Open Communication Channels

Code : HRM0088

Year :

Organization :
Gumroad, Inc.

Industry : Retailing

Region : Americas

Teaching Note:Available

Structured Assignment :Not Available

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Abstract: The case study ‘Gumroad Discards E-mail for More Open Communication Channels’ deals with how Gumroad, Inc., an online platform that enabled content creators to sell digital products directly to their social media followers using a short URL link, decided to switch over from traditional e-mail to more open communication channels like Hipchat and Asana for all of its internal communications. The founder, Sahil Lavingia (Lavingia), believed in clarity and trust and made them part of the core values of Gumroad – to move fast, change, align yourself, be open and transparent, stay focused, and smile. He wanted to ensure that all the employees believed strongly in in-person connection. To achieve this objective, Gumroad decided to opt for the more open communication channels, HipChat and Asana. These channels ensured that no knowledge remained trapped in the employees’ inboxes. It was easier for the employees to discover all the information they required and to contribute to a conversation if they thought they could add value. To make it easier to use Hipchat and Asana together, Lavingia built a little plugin for the company’s chatbot that made it easy to add something to Asana from within Hipchat. These open communication tools helped the company in terms of its day-to-day communication, project management, management and control, hiring, employee feedback, and personal development activities.

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Pedagogical Objectives:

  • Gain knowledge of the importance of communication channels at the workplace.
  • Be aware of the need to align organizational communication with the core organizational values.
  • Understand the link between organizational structures and communication channels.
  • Gain an awareness of communication tools used in start-ups and flat organizations.

    Keywords : Gumroad; Communication Channels; Sahil Lavingia; HipChat; Asana; Flat organization; Span of control, Barriers to Communication; Open Communication

    Contents :

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