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Birth and Early Childhood On 15, August 1769, Napoleon Buonaparte was born in Ajaccio on the island of Corsica about fifty miles from the coast of Italy. Napoleon was the second son in a large family. His family belonged to Corsican-Italian minor nobility8 living in Corsica. After some time the island was transferred to France by the Republic of Genoa. Thus, Corsica became part of France. Napoleon had changed his original name ‘Buonaparte’ to the more French-seeming ‘Bonaparte’ ...

Napoleon’s Military life and Strategies Napoleon decided on a military career and won a scholarship to a French military academy. In 1784, he was admitted at a military school in Paris. He was commissioned as a second lieutenant in 1785. In 1789, French Revolution erupted and Napoleon became politically active. In 1793, Corsica declared its independence but Napoleon broke all ties with his home town and remained loyal to France...

Leadership Napoleon was assigned to French artillery and his first significant military engagement was at Toulon in 1793. During the ensuing siege of Toulon by French republican forces, the commander of the artillery was wounded and Napoleon was promoted to the post. Napoleon compared the harbor of Ajaccio to the harbor of Toulon and realized that there were elevated points guarding the harbor. He suggested capturing the point in the harbor...

Surprise the Enemy In March 1798, the French army with 60 gun boats and 250 fishing vessels carrying 25,000 Frenchmen were assembling along the English Channel coast awaiting the planned invasion. But after a quick inspection of the preparations Napoleon realized that his army was not strong enough to face the British on the seas and so he suggested a new plan to the Directory,25 to strike at Britain’s source of wealth and her sea trade...

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The Downfall of Napoleon Extending French administrative and judicial systems, however, did not satisfy Napoleon’s ambitions.45 Napoleon continued to blockade Britain’s trade routes and openly declared his hostility towards the British. In 1807, he seized Portugal and added it to his vast holdings. In 1808, during Peninsular War he invaded Spain but the Spanish, supported by the British troops stood firm and the French yielded no definite victory...

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