Facebook : An Online Maketing Tool?


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Abstract: This case provides a framework for teaching and understanding the key challenges in marketing on Facebook. Facebook offers brand marketers entirely new paradigms for designing immersive and persuasive brand experiences and is fast becoming one of the most preferred online marketing platforms. Facebook marketing has thrown up many winners and losers in the last one year and this case analyzes the effectiveness of some of these Facebook marketers. Barack Obama used Facebook effectively to build up a huge fan following among the American youth, while Coca-Cola built up a huge fan following on Facebook without bothering to create an official fan page. On the other hand, Walmart did indeed bother to create an official Facebook fan page, but ended up losing many of their fans. New York Times took advantage of a special and unexpected marketing opportunity on Facebook to exponentially increase its fan following. BMW ran a brilliant campaign to launch a new car targeted at the youth, while Adidas made creative use of parties and events to virally advertise and market for free on Facebook. The Causes application let users spread awareness and build movements in a way they could never before and became one of the most popular applications on Facebook. A social gaming company called Playfish became extremely popular on Facebook and helped in transforming the $40 billion video game industry. The Insider and Trazzler increased the popularity of their websites by implementing Facebook Connect. This case analyzes the effectiveness of all these Facebook marketers and in the process illuminates Facebook’s key marketing tools and best practices.

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Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To understand the growing importance of Facebook as an online marketing channel
  • To throw light on Facebook’s marketing tools and best practices
  • To analyse the effectiveness of Facebook marketers such as Barack Obama, Coca-Cola, Walmart, New York Times, BMW, Adidas, Causes, Playfish, The Insider and Trazzler.

    Keywords :Social Networking, On-Line marketing, On-line Marketing Tools, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Social Media, Social Media Networks, Building Brands with Social Media, Social networking and Brand Building, Playfish, Trazzler.Com, The Facebook Marketing Bible, Mark Zuckerberg, Youtube.

    Contents :
    » Background Note
    » Facebook Marketing Tools
    » Facebook Marketers
    » Barack Obama

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