Offshore Outsourcing in Legal Services: DuPont Leads all the Way


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Industry : Information Technology and IT Enabled Services

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Abstract: Companies across the globe are increasingly concentrating on their core activities and outsourcing a number of their non-core activities to more cost advantageous locations. One non-core activity being increasingly outsourced is related to legal work. DuPont pioneered Legal Process Outsourcing with its 'DuPont Legal Model', to tackle the growing number of litigations being faced by the company and also to reduce the costs involved. This led to the emergence of an organised Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) industry, with a number of companies following DuPont's example. Besides corporate entities, a number of US-based law firms also started outsourcing a part of their legal work. India has emerged as a favoured destination for majority of the work related to legal outsourcing. However, a number of challenges remain for the country in making a success story out of its LPO industry in the future.

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Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To discuss the outsourcing industry since its inception and the reasons for companies to outsource their non-core activities and supposed-to-be core activities in some cases
  • To debate whether the model of legal process outsourcing has the potential to become a future trend with more and more companies willing to outsource their legal work
  • To understand the initiatives taken by DuPont in pioneering legal process outsourcing and to understand the ‘DuPont Legal Model
  • To discuss the factors that resulted in India becoming a favoured destination for majority of the legal outsourcing work
  • To debate the challenges India could face in the future to continue as a favoured destination for majority of the legal outsourcing work

    Keywords : Outsourcing; Offshoring; Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO); DuPont; DuPont Legal Model; Knowledge Management; Office Tiger; Innovation Management Case Study; Gaining competitive advantage through LPO; Cost Savings through Offshoring, India, Favoured Destination for LPO; Patent Outsourcing

    Contents :
    » Outsourcing - The Trends
    » Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) - DuPont Leads the Way
    » LPO - The Future

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