Sridhar Vembu and AdventNet Inc.'s Zoho: Michael Dell of Software Industry


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Industry : Information Technology and IT Enabled Services

Region : US India

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Abstract: This case was primarily written to illustrate how an obscure disruption can threaten to unsettle very well established industry and its players. California-based AdventNet has launched Open Source Software (OSS) Zoho suite (Zoho), an on-demand online suite of applications. With Web-based services gaining prominence, market giants like Microsoft and Google have also come out with their unique Web-based and Web-enabled applications. While Microsoft has a strong hold on the market for office applications, Zoho is garnering tremendous popularity as it provides users the freedom to work from anywhere in addition to being free from vendor initiatives. Even though Zoho reached large number of users and created a mark in the Web world, will it gain better acceptance and popularity in the presence of such market giants? Can it succeed and pose tough competition considering the fact that it is an OSS and several other small players are entering the market? How can it make enough revenues to sustain its business model?

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Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To understand the prominence and dominance of OSS in the technology era
  • To analyse the 'disruptive' effects of OSS on other businesses
  • To analyse the merits and demerits of new innovative technology - Zoho introduced by AdventNet Inc.
  • To debate on the popularity and acceptability of AdventNet's business model and revenue model: Will there be enough takers? Can Sridhar Vembu become Michael Dell of the software industry?

    Keywords : Zoho, Business Model, Disruptive innovation, Disruptive Technology, AdventNet, Open Source Software, Microsoft, Google, Sridhar Vembu, Linux

    Contents :
    Open Source Software: Risks and Rewards
    AdventNet Inc.: An Entrant with New Program in the Programming World
    AdventNet's Online Suite Zoho: Can it Compete with Market Giants?

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