Music Piracy and iTunes


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THE PIRACY MENACE... The emergence of new technologies in recording and shaping the music that reached the listeners, influenced the development of the music industry. The compactness of the cassette player (tape recorder) as compared to the gramophone and the affordability of cassettes coupled with a steady growth in the various genres of music, led to the development of a global market for pre-recorded music during the 1960s and 1970s. Between 1989 and 1998, CD became the most preferred form of music record due to its compactness, ability to store a larger number of songs and better sound quality when compared to the cassette...

THE INDUSTRY STRIKES BACK... Recording industry associations, RIAA and IFPI, collaborated with several national governments to bring the rampant piracy under control. In 1999, authorities raided seven illegal CD manufacturing plants in different parts of the world that had a potential to manufacture 25 million CDs. In 2000, 20 plants with a capacity to churn out 70 million CDs were closed...

iTUNES-TAKING THE INDUSTRY BY STORM The paid sites launched by the big music companies allowed users to 'burn' or write songs onto a CD for a subscription fee. But the major drawback of these sites was the narrow repertoire of songs that were made available. The reasons being that the companies were worried about online sales affecting the sales of CDs. They also found it difficult to provide free downloads due to their huge investments in the production and promotion of music. This, in turn, prompted music fans to flock to sites that offered a large number of songs for free...

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