Sridhar Vembu and AdventNet Inc.'s Zoho: Michael Dell of Software Industry


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Industry : Information Technology and IT Enabled Services

Region : US India

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Open Source Software: Risks and Rewards During the 19601970s, scientists and engineers worked in corporate laboratories and academics involved in the task of developing software/programs. The programmers considered the task of software development as a routine and freely exchanged, modified and reconstructed the developed software. A group of programmers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's(MIT) Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (a research unit that performs basic research on computer languages and develops key supporting technologies) adopted similar practices. However, in the 1980s, when MIT licensed some of the codes to commercial software enterprises, members in the team at MIT were shocked. Restrictions were placed by MIT to access the source code of the developed software, which limited the usage of software by nonpersonnel...

AdventNet Inc.: An Entrant with New Program in the Programming World Sridhar Vembu (Vembu), CEO of AdventNet, is the mastermind behind the company's success. He completed engineering from IIT, Chennai, India and obtained Ph.D from Princeton University in 1994. He joined as a system design engineer in Qualcomm, wireless communication firm in US and worked for 2 years (19941996) on Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) satellite communications. In 1996, with a passion towards software industry, he quit his job and started hunting for an opportunity in the emerging technology market in India...

AdventNet's Online Suite Zoho: Can it Compete with Market Giants? For Vembu's Zoho to succeed in the market, it has to face competition from Microsoft Office, the leader in Office applications and Google, which launched its Google Apps suite of applications. Vembu, however, feels that his main competitor is Microsoft rather than Google. He feels that his company is better positioned to take on Microsoft than Google...

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