Blu-ray vs HD-DVD: The Format War Between Sony and Toshiba


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Abstract: The 'War of Standards', considered, as the battle for dominance between two non-compatible technologies is not new to the American entertainment industry. The most prominent one happened in the 1970s, when Sony Corporation's Betamax videotape format competed with VHS (Video Home System), which was promoted by Victor Company of Japan Limited (JVC).

In 2005, a new format war between two non-compatible types of high-definition videodisc, hit the consumer electronics industry. This time, the competing companies are again the consumer electronic giants from Japan Sony and Toshiba, who want their own standards to be the default standards for the high definition DVD.

The high definition variants of the standards definition DVDs Blu-ray and HD-DVD from Sony and Toshiba respectively, claim high-end performance and a major up-grade from the standard definition DVD.

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Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To understand the origins of the present standards war in the videodisc market, the comparison of the formats, and the strategic positioning of the two companies - Sony and Toshiba
  • To discuss whether cost competitiveness and ease of up-gradation of Toshiba's technology can overpower the technological edge of Sony
  • To analyse the influence of the hardware manufacturers and the Hollywood studios, on the possible outcome of the standards war.

    Keywords : The standards war; High Definition-DVD (HD-DVD); Sony's Blu-ray disc; Toshiba's HD-DVD; Competitive Strategies Case Study; World standard for the high definition DVD; Lack of inter-compatibility; Battle for dominance; Entertainment industry; Hollywood studios' stake; India health; National health policy; Technological superiority; Low-cost advantage

    Contents :
    History Repeats Itself
    Comparing the Formats: Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD
    Strategic Positioning

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