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Growth Strategies Casebooks

CDC Casebooks are a compilation of the best selling case studies categorised based on management concepts, industries and companies. These casebooks intend to serve as a handbook of model case studies for students, teachers, researchers and practitioners in the management world. Our Casebooks are exemplary resources designed to help deepen knowledge on the management theories and concepts helping to enhance their decision-making skills.

Casebook in Growth Strategies - Vol. I

Growth Strategies - Vol. I

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 81-314-0341-6
Focuses on the challenges that many companies face in regard to resources available, market conditions and competition. It enables the reader to comprehend the various growth strategies used by some of the world’s leading companies.

Casebook in Growth Strategies - Vol. II

Growth Strategies - Vol. II

Price: $30 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 81-314-0318-1
Provides an insight into the growth strategies of companies and their attempts to sustain their profitability in the midst of competition and challenges. It also helps in bridging the gap between the theory and practice by developing an understanding of when and how to apply concepts and techniques learnt in management studies.
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