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Case Studies on Managing Economies Vol.1

Case Studies on Managing Economies Vol.1

Edited by : Saradhi Kumar Gonela
ISBN : 978-81-314-1890-1
Price: $25  ( INR)
268 pages( Hardcover edition )

Snapshot of the casebook

Usually the end of one economic dilemma leads to beginning of another, alike are economic problems. Solving this spiral always challenges the academicians and practicing economists. In the quest of solving the riddles they stumble upon economic policies and experiment the same on economies. Results may be those intended or unintended, sometimes the results may have a far worse impact on an economy than the original problem. Therefore, striking a right economic balance has been a holy grail from the days of Adam Smith. Economists since then have formulated many policy frame works which could find solutions to most of the economic problems effectively.

These policies, as stated earlier, have not always provided expected results. Liberalization of South Asian economies, for example, in the last two decades of the previous century culminated in crisis, after making possible unprecedented growth rates in the region. Same has been true with Ireland and Brazil, also in some other economies of the world.

As progression of the human kind and creating wealth form the core intension of any economic policy, most of times the policies have profound effects on the history of the concern nation. The impact(s) dramatically compound in the current era of globalisation as no country is immune to the major economic developments on any part of the globe. Perhaps that is why if the Wall Street sneezes stock markets across the world catch cold.

This book features case studies that were compiled on the major economic happenings in the world over the last two decades. The cases provide a detailed picture of the circumstances that resulted in a particular occurrence, the reactions of policy makers to that and also the consequences therewith. The book captures all such issues over the stated illustrations which could stimulate class room debates and discussions.

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