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Interview with Kai-Alexander Schlevogt on The China Factor

January 2008 - By Dr. Nagendra V Chowdary

Emerging markets are attractive, because they offer new outlets for the goods and services of companies from developed countries, helping them to increase top-line growth. At the same time, the bottom line can be improved through savings in the costs of labor and material. In emerging markets, employees often do not enjoy the same rights and working conditions as in developead countries.
– Kai Alexander Schlevogt
Effective executive interview with Donald N Sull on Why Good Companies Go Bad.

Kai Alexander Schlevogt is a professor of international strategy and leadership at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School. He serves as Program Director of the Nestle Global Leadership Program, delivered in association with London Business School (LBS). He was appointed as Fellow of the McKinsey & Co. Global Institute (MGI), San Francisco and Shanghai. He founded the Schlevogt Business School, the first school in Germany focusing on European-Chinese economic relationships, and served as its President. He also was appointed as the first regular foreign professor in the

history of Peking University. He was a professor of strategic management and international business and senior research fellow at Peking University's Guanghua School of Management. He served as a Visiting Full Professor at the Henley Management College (UK). Kai- Alexander was also a senior faculty member at the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), a joint venture of the University of New South Wales and the University of Sydney. Besides, he held two positions at Harvard University, one as Associate at the Harvard Fairbank Center for East Asian Research, another as Visiting Scholar at the Harvard Business School. He also served as a strategic management

consultant for McKinsey & Co. in the Greater China Office, advising the Malaysian Prime Minister on how to develop a Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC). In the former Soviet Union, he was Country Manager for Colonia-Victoire (now: AXA Colonia) and Representative of the Association of German Insurers, in Russia advising the Russian Government on insurance legislation. A leading emerging markets expert, he has written three books— including The Art of Chinese Management (Oxford University Press)—and over one hundred articles. He is a regular TV commentator for Channel NewsAsia. Kai-Alexander holds a Ph.D. in Management Studies from the University of Oxford. He speaks fluent Chinese (teaching senior executives in Mandarin) and seven other world languages.

He can also be reached at

Useful for Understanding of:

  • Chinese Economy
  • Should China Revalue its Currency?
  • MNCs in China
  • "The China Factor" in the Global Economy.
Originally Published in Effective Executive, IUP
Effective Executive Reference No. 03M-2008-01-11-06
IBSCDC Reference No. INT0028
Year and Month of Publication January 2008
Keywords Kai-Alexander Schlevogt, Chinese Economy,Should china revalue its currency?, MNCs in China, "The China Factor" in the Global Economy

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