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Managing Organizational Trauma at Satyam Computers: Ed Cohen and his Team's Monumental Efforts
(An Interview with Ed Cohen, Chief Learning Officer, Satyam Computer Services)

"Truth or Consequences...Transparency the only way to survive." - Ed Cohen

Satyam Learning World

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Managing Multicultural Teams

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Planet Satyam

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Shock to Hope:The Employees' Reactions

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Who is this video about?

Edward Cohen, a strategic leader with more than 25 years' experience in corporate learning and organization development, is Chief Learning Officer for Satyam Computer Services, Satyam School of Leadership in Hyderabad, India. In 2009, Satyam debuted on the Training Top 125, ranked No.8 worldwide for their learning programmes. Ed is the author of Leadership Without Borders, a contributing author to Next Generation Corporate Universities, and has written numerous articles including co-authoring What Business Needs from Business School in Strategy and Business magazine, and Passages from India. Prior to Satyam, Ed was with Booz Allen Hamilton for a period of 8 years, a global strategy and management consulting firm. Ed earned a Master of Science in Education from Nova Southeastern and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Florida, US.

Satyam Learning World is the enterprise wide learning ecosystem that captures and delivers the learning and development needs of all Satyam Associates through a single platform. Satyam Learning Center (SLC) and Satyam School of Leadership (SSL), the two pillars of this ecosystem, are the learning and development partners of businesses across Satyam, each having a well-defined mandate. Working with the vision to make Satyam one of the top five organizations in the world for its ability to build global associates through effective learning, it focuses on offering learning programmes through a state-of-the-art infrastructure and Learning Management System that directly addresses key business and performance mandates. Over 40% of all learning at Satyam is delivered virtually, with carefully designed learning and development strategy to meet the requirements of an associate (from entry level) to the senior leaders. With ‘leadership by influence’ as a cornerstone of Satyam’s philosophy − which means ‘leaders as learners’ and ‘leaders as teachers’-SSL offers specifically designed programs that meet the development needs at all stages of the leadership life.

What is this video about?

In a candid conversation, Ed Cohen speaks on the vision of Satyam Learning World and how the team contributes in shaping leaders for tomorrow. Satyam Computers has been in the news since December 16th 2008 for all the wrong reasons and what happened since then was an unpleasant history, not only for the company and its esteemed employees, but also for India Inc. in general. However, what no one quite understands are the painstaking efforts of Ed Cohen and his dedicated team in dissuading and alleviating the employee concerns falling out of the governance fiasco. What the employees went through in those days was even more painful. Listen to Ed Cohen for understanding the 24/6 efforts put in by him and his team to bring serenity and sensibility to the entire organization. Also listen to the employees who have been through with those trauma times − how they received the news, how they responded and how they solaced each other.

This video can be used for:

  1. Leadership courses − The Art of Preparing Leaders for Tomorrow at Satyam Computers
  2. Organizational Behaviour and Organizational Development courses − Managing Multi Cultural Teams
  3. Corporate Governance courses − Satyam Corporate Governance Fiasco and Managing Organizational Trauma and Satyam Learning World’ 24X6 efforts
  4. Managing a Crisis and Managing in Troubled Times course − Shock to Hope: The Employees Reactions.

Video Details

Title : An Interview with Ed Cohen, Chief Learning Officer, Satyam Computer Services
Released Date : 13th April,2009.
Interviewed Conducted by : Mr. Dr. Nagendra V. Chowdary
Price : $ (1000 INR)
Duration : 47:50 min
Keywords : Corporate Governance, Satyam Computers, Corporate Governance Fiasco at Satyam Computers, Satyam, Satyam-Maytas, Managing Crisis, Crisis Communication, HOPE Model, Leadership During Crisis, Satyam Learning Centre, Managing Multi-Cultural Teams, Satyam Employees’ Reactions


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