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Coca-Cola "Open Happiness" Campaign
Marketing Pristiq: The Advertising Challenge
Maruti Suzuki`s Advertising Strategies
Idea Cellular`s Advertising and Promotion Strategies
i-Mint - An Innovative Coalition Loyalty and Consumer Rewards Program in India
Burger King's 'Whopper Freakout' Marketing Campaign
Canadian Club: Repositioning a Dormant Brand Customer Service Champion
Volkswagen's Marketing Strategy in India
Tata Indicom's 'Pay Per Call' Tariff Plan for Prepaid Cellular Subscribers
Burger King's 'Whopper Virgins' Viral Marketing Campaign
Customer Service at L.L.Bean
Developing a Personal Selling Strategy
GlaxoSmithKline`s New Sales Force Compensation System in the US
Domestic Vs Foreign Brand Clothing: Understanding Consumer Decision-making Styles in India
Corpus Electronics: Decision to Segment the Market for Convergence Products
Traverse Communications: Identifying Target Customers
Celebrity Endorsements and Product Categories
Apex Tours & Travels: Analysing Consumer Preferences on Tourism
Marketing Dilemma for 'Elan' Jeans Brand
Subway in the US: Challenges of Extending Product Mix
Commercialisation of the Game of Cricket: Is it a Win-win Situation?
Financial Services: Going Women Way
Microsoft's 'Mojave' Experiment: Image Makeover of Vista with Stealth Marketing?
Ringing Youngsters Virgin's Distinctive Market Segmentation in India
The Dilemma of Discounts: GMs Bid for Market Share
De Beers' Corporate Transformation: The Competitive Pressures
P&Gs Tremor Reinventing Marketing by Word of Mouth
C&C's Bulmers and Magners Brand: The Irish Drinks Company's Brand Repositioning Strategies
Dubai Duty Free: Promotion and Expansion
Branding The Asian Dilemma
Samsung vs LG: Similar Goals, Dissimilar Strategies
Avon: Direct Selling in China
Marks & Spencer: Revival Strategies
Second Life: A unique marketing platform
Guerilla Advertisements: Big Firms Going Guerilla?
Wal-Mart and InStore TV: Worth an Investment?
Coca-Colas Re-entry into the US RTD Tea and Coffee Market
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