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Snapdeal – From Troubling Times to Turnaround
Albertsons’ Competitive Strategies
Dell vs. Gateway
AstraZeneca’s Crestor: Challenges in the US Market
Bose Corporation: Riding the Sound Wave
Shatto Milk Co: Profiting by Differentiation
McDonald’s “Plan To Win” Strategy: The Payoffs
eBay in China
Walgreen vs CVS: Growth Strategies of the US's Top Drugstore Chains
India's Luxury Car Market: The Competition Heats Up
Tesco vs. ASDA : UK’s Retailing Battle
Wrigley vs Cadbury Schweppes: The Competitive Strategies in Chewing Gum Market
Lowe's, AMD, Target et al: The Second-mover Advantage?
Federated Department Stores- Focusing on National brands
Yamaha bikes in Asia: Regaining lost ground
eBay in China
DTH vs. Cable TV- Sky Wars in India
Screen Wars - LCD vs. Plasma
Hyundai Motor: Facing Challenges
Wal-Mart's Emerging Challenges
Toshiba versus Sony: The Next Generation DVD Format War. Who Would Set the Standard?
BBC’s Challenge
H&M vs Zara: Competitive Growth Strategies
The Future of Gap Inc
Sun Tzu’s The Art of War: Industry Analysis Exercise (A)
SunTzu’s The Art of War: Industry Analysis Excercise (B)
Audi's Intended Acceleration
IKEA - Invincible Key to Excel in America (USA)
The Rise of Green Consumerism: Is it a Fad or is it Sustainable?
Bono’s “Red Brand”: Targeting “Conscience Consumers”
Fisher Price: Toys Goes Hi-Tech
Marketing Fizzy Fruit to kids: Opportunities and Challenges
Kraft Foods Inc: Redefining Marketing to Kids
Indian Consumers: Shopaholics by Chance, Dealaholics by Choice? (B): Impulsive vs Compulsive Buying Motives
Indian Consumers: Shopaholics By Chance, Dealaholics By Choice? (A): An Exercise : Crafting a Brand Positioning With Reference Groups
India’s Best Marketers: Consumer Psychologists or Marketing Wizards?
Red Bull: Changing Flavours?
Asia: The Destination For Medical Tourism
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