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1. Bonus Issue by Indian Energy Exchange cart
2. COVID-19 Pandemic and Portfolio Value at Risk cart
3. Failure of Vedanta Limited’s Delisting cart
4. Options Strategies for a Bullish Market cart
5. Options Strategies for a Volatile Market cart
6. BPCL’s Buyout of Oman Oil’s stake in BORL cart
7. Equitas Small Finance Bank - IPO cart
8. Share Buyback at TCS cart
9. Wipro Limited’s Buyback of Shares in 2020 cart
10. Risk Analysis of Shale Gas Extraction Project cart
11. Warehouse Receipts Financing (B) cart
12. Warehouse Receipts Financing (A) cart
13. Tata Consultancy Services: Managing Liquidity Risk cart
14. Financial Feasibility Analysis of Shale Gas Extraction cart
15. Financial Analysis of Bajaj Auto Limited cart
16. Weighted Marginal Cost of Capital for Tecnet Steel Limited cart
17. Evaluation of Mutual Funds by Technical Analysis cart
18. Inventory Management Dilemma at Super Cement cart
19. Weighted Average Cost of Capital for Shree Cement Limited cart
20. Challenges of Consortium Lending-The Case of Bhushan Steel cart
21. Challenges of Consortium Lending-The Case of Bhushan Steel cart
22. Working Capital Management at Steel Authority of India Limited cart
23. Working Capital Management at Steel Authority of India Limited cart
24. Working Capital Management at Steel Authority of India Limited cart
25. Capital Structure Dilemma at SRM Infrastructure Ltd. cart
26. Kingfisher Debt Crisis cart
27. SemGroup’s Bankruptcy – Is it a Case of Oil Price Manipulation or Erroneous Estimation of Oil Price? cart
28. The Next Internet Bubble? cart
29. Exchange Rate Intervention by Bank of Japan cart
30. Cross Currency Triangulation: A Means to Trade and Profit cart
31. Smart Investors Limited cart
32. Bricknet Ratings: Shadow Rating of Lakshmi Vilas Bank Limited cart
33. Coal India IPO – The Mother of All IPOs cart
34. Value at Risk: Morgan Stanley cart
35. Orange County: A Case of Derivative Mismanagement cart
36. Interest Rate Swaps: A Deal Between B.F. Goodrich and Rabobank cart
38. Currency Rate Swap between IBM and World Bank cart
39. Selecting Assets: Silver Oak Research's Risk-return Dilemmas cart
40. Analyzing Impact of Regulatory Environment Changes: Case of a Power Sector Project in India cart
41. Appraisal of Bharat Insulation Limited (BIL): Is the Project Financially Viable? cart
42. Indian Financial System cart
43. SoftSol’s Acquisition of Ivon Inc cart
44. Acquisition of Cairn India by Vedanta - Biggest Deal in Indian Oil Sector cart
45. Cash @ Infosys: Is It Really Adding Value? cart
46. Target Corporation: Weighted Average Cost of Capital cart
47. Risk Management @ Royal Dutch Shell Plc. cart
48. Outsourcing Receivables Management: An Evolving Approach to Business Financing cart
49. Indian Dry Fruits Limited: Receivable Management cart
50. Costing in Pepe Denim* cart
51. Gold as a long term investment – Fading glitter? cart
52. Indian Retail Banking: Attracting More MNC Banks cart
53. Banking Reforms in China: Progress and Constraints cart
54. Indage Vintners Limited: Debt Hangover! cart
55. China State Grid's IPO: Will It Aggrandize or Attenuate The Power Sector Reforms? cart
56. Valuation of CPIC's IPO: Enterprise Value Vs Embedded Value cart
57. The Valuation of Business Division: The Case of L&T Concrete cart
58. Southwest Airlines: Profitability through Fuel Hedging? cart
59. Mexican Cement MNC, CEMEX: Reducing Cost of Capital Through Globalising Operations? cart
60. International Financial Regulatory Standards: India’s Need for Convergence cart
61. India's Largest Ever Public Issue by Indian Real Estate Giant DLF: Smudged by Valuation cart
62. Financial Reporting in the Emerging Capital Markets of India and Pakistan: The Need for Harmonization cart
63. Embedded Value Movement: The Key Assumptions cart
64. Dilemma of Garner Fertilisers: Applying Relevance and Irrelevance Capital Structure Theories cart
65. DLF Ltd.: Working Capital Analysis cart
66. Infosys Technologies: Dividend History and Market cart
67. Bharati Airtel vs Reliance Communications: Managing Working Capital cart
68. Bajaj Auto: Evaluating the Working Capital Requirements cart
69. Women-led Family-owned Businesses: Capital Structure of Balaji Telefilms Ltd. cart
70. Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited: Managing Working Capital for Long-term Capital cart
71. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories: Financial Forecasting cart
72. Evaluation of GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited (GHIAL) cart
73. Evaluation of Capital Investment Projects cart
74. Tata’s Nano Project: Capital Investment Lessons cart
75. Max Software Services: Relative Valuation cart
76. Reliance ‘Power’ful IPO cart
77. Cost of Equity: A CAPM Approach cart
78. ABC Wealth Advisors cart
79. Hindalco’s Rights Issue: India’s Largest Rights Issue Fiasco cart
80. Suzlon Energy: Financing Problems cart
81. Tata Steel’s External Commercial Borrowings: The Payoffs cart
82. Indian Financial System: A Young Entrepreneur's Dilemmas cart
83. India’s Best CFO; Praveen Kadle cart
84. Infosys and Satyam Computers: Whose Wealth is Maximised? cart
85. Unilever Limited: Transforming the Finance ‘Function’ cart
86. US Subprime Mortgage Market (C): Global Credit Crunch and Crisis at Northern Rock cart
87. US Subprime Mortgage Market (B): Crisis and Its Aftermath cart
88. US Subprime Mortgage Market (A): Financial Innovation and Welfare Effects cart
89. What's Wrong with Private Equity: Ask Mervyns cart
90. NASDAQ and the Consolidation of Stock Exchanges: The Payoffs cart
91. US Financial Crisis: The Role of Sub-Prime Mortgages cart
92. US Financial Crisis: How far can the Rating Agencies be Blamed? cart
93. Rural Banking – Shifting Paradigms cart
94. XFML: Betting on China – International Financing, Emerging Markets and Corporate Governance Risks cart
95. Agricultural Bank of China: Unbanking on the Banking Reform cart
96. Payment Systems in India - Reserve Bank of India’s Strategic Approach cart
97. Wilbur Ross: The Buyout King cart
98. Union Bank of Switzerland: The Banking Way cart
99. Morgan Stanley: Growth Strategies in the Chinese banking Sector cart
100. Microfinance: Opportunities in China cart


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