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Case Studies in Going Global and Managing Global Businesses

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1. Mahindra & Mahindra (B): An Emerging Global Giant? cart
2. Honda in China: Government Regulations and Firm’s Strategy cart
4. Raiffeisen's Strategic Dilemma in Ukraine cart
5. Raiffeisen's Business Strategy in Russia cart
6. Mahindra Scorpio Entering the US Auto Market: Advent of a Global Brand? cart
7. Lotte, a South Korean Confectionery Company’s European Expansion Strategies cart
8. Inbev's Growth Strategy in China: Targeting Clustered Territories cart
10. HSBC's Long Term Commitment Delivering Results in China cart
12. General Motors' Joint Ventures in Russia and China: The Secret Behind Success & Failure cart
13. General Motors in Korea: A Success Story cart
14. From Books to Animation: Indian Cartoons Going Global cart
15. Ford in China: Learning from Experience cart
16. China's Automaker Chery's Global Expansion: Can it Race Past the 'Made in China' Image? cart
17. China National Petroleum's Foreign Cooperative Ventures:Will It Pay Off? cart
18. AMD: Consolidating Presence in China cart
19. Acer Creating New Growth Platforms: Will it Sustain Global PC Wars? cart
20. Wal-Mart in India: The Future cart
21. Global Footprints of the Indian MNC, Marico: The 3L Strategy cart
22. Cemex’s Cost of ‘Globalised’ Growth – The Cash Crunch? cart
23. Cairn India: Globalisation vs Government Intervention cart
24. India's Apollo Tyres (A): The Family-Run Firm's Global Fortunes cart
25. Exxon Mobil's New CEO, Rex Tillerson's Agenda - Diplomacy: Can he Manage? cart
26. IKEA in Japan: The Market Re-entry Strategies cart
27. Coca-Cola in Russia: Expecting Fat Growth in a Flat Economy? cart
28. Cisco in Emerging Markets (A): Market Entry Strategies in China and India cart
29. Hollywood in Bombay – Bollywood in Beverly Hills: Indian Film Industry’s New Global Value Chain cart
30. Yandex, Russia’s Search Engine: Googling for Growth in Google’s Backyard cart
31. Fisher Price’s Global Expansion: Toying with Customisation cart
32. Cisco in Emerging Markets (B): Looking Beyond China and India cart
33. Coca-Cola- Contentious Overseas Business Practices cart
34. Mahindra & Mahindra (A): Transformation of an Indian Family Business into a globaly Competitive Firm cart
35. TCS Looks West - IBM Eyes East: Switching Homelands for Revenues cart
36. Acer vs Lenovo: Asian Brands’ Global Ambitions cart
37. Cisco in Emerging Markets (B): Market Entry Strategies in Middle East and African Countries cart
38. Vodafone (B): Sarin Finds His Desi Routes? cart
39. McDonald’s in Russia cart
40. Nokia (B): Business Interests vs German Pressures cart
41. Vodafone (C): Sarin ‘Follows’ Pug cart
42. China Europe International Business School (CEIBS): Going Global cart
43. Vodafone (A): Sarin Gets Stumped! cart
44. The global and local strategies of the international food chains in India cart
45. Emergence of China in the Global E-Commerce Market (A): Dragon Drags on Adaptation cart
46. Shanghai Tang: Taking Chinese Fashion to the World cart
47. Walt Disney Co. (B): Disney in India cart
48. Cosmetic Industry (B): L’Oreal’s Globalisation strategies cart
49. Walt Disney Company (A): The Emerging Markets Strategies cart
50. Lenovo’s Brand Building Strategies: Taking Competition to Competitors with “Transactional Model” cart
51. Zara: The Spanish Fashion Chain’s Global Expansion: Is it Moving Too Fast? cart
52. Cisco in India: India as a Resource to India as a Market cart
53. Honda: As Acura in USA and as Legend in Japan? cart
54. Patrick J. McGovern's International Data Group: Growth Strategies in Asia cart
55. TESCO, UK's Largest Supermarket Group: International Expansion Strategies cart
56. ZTE Corporation: The Chinese Telecom Equipment Maker's Global Expansion Strategies cart
57. Vodafone Rethinking Global Strategy cart
58. Rasna Going Global cart
59. Coca-Cola in Japan: From Role Model to Role Reversal cart
60. ‘Made in Singapore’: Glamorizing the Manufacturing Sector? cart
61. Tata Steel’s Globalisation Strategies: The Acquisition of Corus and the Strategic Fit (A) cart
62. Kikkoman, the World's Leading Soy Sauce Maker: Globalisation and Localisation Strategies cart
63. Vodafone's Global Strategy: Paying Price for 'Going for Growth at any Price'? cart
64. McDonald's Localization Strategy: Brand Unification, Menu Diversification? cart
65. Dell in India: The Growth Strategies cart
66. Perils of Going Global: WPP's Italian Imbroglio cart
67. Starbucks in China: Expansion Strategies cart
68. Kodak in Asia cart
69. to Google’s Business Dilemma in China cart
70. BBH: The Russian Venture of the UK Brewer, Scottish & Newcastle cart
71. Deutsche Bank: The Transformation from a Domestically-focused Retail Bank into a Global Powerhouse cart
72. Novartis: Globalization of Pharmaceutical Research cart
73. Lakshmi Niwas Mittal – Spearheading consolidation in the global steel industry cart
74. Google's Trouble in France: English vs French cart
75. Tesco: The British Supermarket Chain's Global Expansion Strategies and Challenges cart
76. FEMSA, The Mexican Beverage Giant's 'Continental' Growth Strategies cart
77. Corporate China Shopping for Global Brands: Prospects and Perils cart
78. Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs): Going Global cart
79. Metro AG: The German Retailer's Internationalisation Strategies through 'Cash & Carry' Model cart
80. Toyota in China: Selling at “China Price” cart
81. Toyota’s Expansion Strategies in Europe cart
82. Pizza Hut in India cart
83. Microsoft in China: Business Diplomacy cart
84. Euro Disney: Failed Americanism? cart
85. Whirlpool’s Global Expansion Strategies cart
86. Lindsay Owen-Jones: L’Oreal’s Global Makeover Strategist cart
87. Yahoo! In China cart
88. Datang International Power Generation: China’s Energy Giant’s Growth Strategies cart
89. Asian Paints India Ltd: The Global Strategies cart
90. Essel Propack: From Indian to Transnational cart
91. Samsung in India cart
92. Haier: Developing A Global Brand cart
93. Bharat Forge – MNC in the making cart
94. Huawei Technologies: Growth Strategies cart
95. Dasani’s European Misadventure cart
96. The Tata Group – Going Global cart
97. Indica’s Foreign Foray cart
98. Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation cart
99. Coke’s Relationship with Bottlers: To “Revive and Sustain” cart
100. Global Branding Strategies of LG Electronics cart


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