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1. Lijjat Papad: Balancing Lives and Livelihood of Workers during COVID-19 Pandemic cart
2. The "Wrap" Story cart
3. Kejriwal - Redefining Indian Politics cart
4. India's Branded Vada Pav Chain Jumbo King’s Ambitious Plans cart
5. Leadership Change at Unilever: Can Paul Polman build on the Achievements of Patrick Cescau? cart
6. Intel After Barrett: Challenges for its First Outside Successor cart
7. Exit of Bill Gates: Future of Microsoft cart
8. Apple Computer Inc. After Steve Jobs: The Succession Dilemma cart
9. Jon Rubinstein's Revival Plan for Palm: 'Smart' Enough? cart
10. Alcatel-Lucent: Can the New Leadership Turn it Around? cart
11. Wendy's: Can New Owner Triarc give it a Successful Makeover? cart
12. Sears – Can Edward Lampert Save It? cart
13. Reinvigorating Motorola: The New co-CEO's Daunting Task cart
14. Reinventing Hewlett Packard with Mark Hurd cart
15. Leadership Transition at SAP: Testing Time for Leo Apotheker cart
16. Leadership Re-organisation: Wipro's Co-CEO Model cart
17. Howard Stringer's Strategies: Can they Prevent Sony from Turning into a Corporate Dinosaur? cart
18. Grooming Future Leaders: The Infosys Way cart
19. Effective Wisdom and Leadership Development: A Case of BBC cart
20. Clash of Political Leadership Styles: Barack Obama vs Hillary Clinton cart
21. Troy: Trojan War and Leadership Styles cart
22. The Blind Side: Transformation of an Abandoned to Acclaimed cart
23. Goodwill Hunting: Hunting For Change, Haunting for Hunting cart
24. Coach Carter: The Change Agent cart
25. Is Leadership Responsible for 2008 Financial Services Meltdown? cart
26. Revival Plans of Italian Sportswear Brand FILA: Can CEO Yoon-Soo Yoon Pull it Off? cart
27. Jerry Yang's Exit from Yahoo!: Googling for the Right Strategy? cart
28. Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS): Leadership lessons cart
29. Sanofi Aventis: CEO Le Fir's Formula for change cart
30. Colgate-Palmolive: Leadership Style of Reuben Mark cart
31. Evolution of eBay: Meg Whitman’s Success Strategies cart
32. The Chrysanthemum Throne: Is Japan Ready for an Empress cart
33. Corrado Passera Restructuring Poste Italiane and Banca Intesa: The Leadership Style of the Corporate Savior cart
34. Virgin Group: Richard Branson’s Business with Flamboyance? cart
35. Howard Stringer: Turning Sony Around cart
36. Lord John Browne at BP: Leadership and Succession Dilemmas cart
37. Nike's tryst with succession strategy cart
38. Succession Issues at National Amusements: Sumner Redstone's Dilemma cart
39. CEOs@Nike: Succession Guaranteed? cart
40. Sir John Bond at HSBC: The End of an Era? cart
41. Steve Jobs: A Rejuvenator cart
42. Will Proton’s New Leadership steer it to Success? cart
43. Napoleon - The Master Strategist cart
44. JP Morgan - The 'Dimon' Medicine at work cart
45. Warren Buffett- Maverick of the market cart
46. Bill Gates retreat: Future of Microsoft cart
47. Growth and Leadership at Mckinsey cart
48. Nestlé’s ‘Nutritious’ Growth: Peter Brabeck’s Strategies cart
49. Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation: The Succession Dilemmas cart
50. Nike : Surviving after Philip Knight cart
51. Turmoil at Reliance cart
52. Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (ENI): Succession Battle at the Italian Oil Giant cart
53. Siemens: The Challenges of Leadership Change cart
54. Reviving Sanyo: Experimenting with an Inexperienced CEO cart
55. Troubled times at Morgan Stanley: Strategic Missteps of Philip J. Purcell? cart
56. Lawrence H. Summers at Harvard University: Growth Plans vs. Controversies cart
57. American International Group's (AIG) Growth and Future: The Greenberg Factor cart
58. HP's New CEO, Mark Hurd: The New Imperatives cart
59. British Airways' Willie Walsh: The New CEO's Challenges cart
60. Hiring the CEOs: The Changing Paradigms cart
61. Carlos Ghosn as CEO of Nissan and Renault: Can he rework the ‘Nissan magic’? cart
62. Succession Battles at Viacom cart
63. Marks and Spencer: The Downfall and Leadership Vacuum cart
64. Bloomberg’s Growth: The Michael Bloomberg Factor cart
65. Formula One and Ecclestone: The Powershift? cart
66. Philip Green: UK’s Retail Baron cart
67. Carlos Slim: A Telecom Tycoon in the Making cart
68. “Brand CEOs”: The Case of Martha Stewart cart
69. Tata Group: Under Ratan Tata cart
70. Meg Whitman’s competitive strategies for e-Bay cart


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