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1. Kamal Automobile Repair Shop: Resource Allocation cart
Industry:Not ApplicableCompany:Kamal AutomobileRegion:India
2. Trends in the Production of Cotton Crops in India cart
Industry:Not ApplicableRegion:India
3. Snow ‘n’ Fun Resort cart
Industry:Not ApplicableRegion:India
4. Hong Kong – Macau – Taipei Bank Inc. cart
Industry:Not ApplicableCompany:Taipei BankRegion:India
5. A Study of Soap Segment in Indian FMCG Market cart
Industry:Not ApplicableRegion:India
6. Zhe Jiang Auto Works Inc. cart
Industry:Not ApplicableCompany:Zhe JiangRegion:India
7. Athletics Authority of Indraprasthan cart
Industry:Not ApplicableCompany:IndraprasthanRegion:India
8. Akshara Toys Limited cart
Industry:Not ApplicableCompany:Akshara ToysRegion:India
9. Mining for Precious Metals cart
Industry:Not ApplicableRegion:India
10. Kumar Construction Company: Bidding Decision Analysis cart
11. The Electric Fan Industry cart
Industry:Not ApplicableRegion:India
12. Planning for Road Safety cart
Industry:Not ApplicableRegion:India
13. Boosting the Sales of Double Bull? cart
Industry:Not ApplicableRegion:India
14. Global Centre for Case Studies cart
Industry:Not ApplicableRegion:India
15. “Melting Delicacies” Ice Cream Parlour Chain cart
Industry:Not ApplicableRegion:India
16. The Strategic Break: To Be or Not to Be cart
Industry:Not ApplicableRegion:India
17. Honda Motor Company cart
Industry:AutomobileCompany:Honda MotorsRegion:India
18. Conversys Inc. cart
Industry:Not ApplicableCompany:Conversys Inc.Region:India
19. Smoking: A Costly Affair Now? cart
Industry:Not ApplicableRegion:India
20. Swarnamukhi Public Bank Limited’s SME Loans cart
Industry:BFSICompany:Swarnamukhi Public BankRegion:India
21. Ascertaining Customer Satisfaction cart
Industry:Not ApplicableRegion:India
22. Customer Satisfaction with DTH Services in India cart
Industry:Not ApplicableRegion:India
23. Priya’s Probability of Getting into a B-School cart
Industry:Not ApplicableRegion:India
24. Students’ Educational Loans: Bank Manager’s Dilemmas on Repayment Probabilities cart
Industry:Not ApplicableRegion:India
25. Dilemma of a Sales Executive cart
Industry:Not ApplicableRegion:India
26. Mattel’s Global Expansion: Analysing Growth Trends cart
Industry:Toy IndustryCompany:MattelRegion:India
27. College Canteen’s Decreasing Beverages’ Sales: Analysis Dilemmas cart
Industry:Not ApplicableRegion:India
28. Efficient Project Management at TransWorks Information Services Pvt. Ltd., an Indian-based BPO Company cart
29. CISCO Systems: Implementing “Customized” ERP in Nine Months cart
30. Will UTC`s Transition to “Growth through Operations Transformation” Payoff? cart
31. Wal-Mart: Implementing RFID cart
32. Embraer- Flying High through Segmentation cart
Industry:Aviation/AirlinesCompany:EmbraerRegion:US Europe
33. Intel Corp: The Customer Oriented Reorganisation cart
34. FEDEX: The cutting Edge cart
Industry:Express delivery servicesCompany:FedexRegion:US
35. Reliance Communications: The Technology Dilemma cart
36. Nestle: Streamlining Operations cart
Industry:Food and BeveragesCompany:NestleRegion:US
37. Pantaloon Retail India : Creating Successful Formats cart
38. RFID in Wal- Mart Willy - Nilly Compliance by its suppliers cart
Industry:RetailingCompany:Wal- MartRegion:USA
39. Blue Nile - A Guy's Best Friend ! cart
Industry:DiamondCompany:Blue NileRegion:USA
40. Carrefour's Survival Strategies in France cart
41. Strategies of 7 - Eleven Stores cart
Industry:RetailingCompany:7 - Eleven StoresRegion:USA
42. Safeway Inc: Is it on a Safer Way? cart
Industry:RetailingCompany:Safeway IncRegion:USA CANADA
43. Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.'s 'Cost Efficiencies': Should they be cart
44. Maruti-Suzuki's Swift Move cart
45. General Motors North America in 2005 cart
46. Chrysler's Product-mix Challenges: Is Flexible Manufacturing the Answer? cart
Industry:Not ApplicableCompany:ChryslerRegion:USA
47. Avon Product Inc. – Redesigning its Supply Chain cart
48. BAA’s T5: Novel Project Management cart
Industry:Not ApplicableCompany:BAARegion:UK
49. The Evolution of the Toyota Production System cart
50. IBS LTYAOU: Unraveling Jumbled Flows with Relative Station Proximity cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:IBSRegion:India
51. Siva Gabbita’s Dontanpalli Operation II cart
Industry:General BusinessRegion:India
52. Siva Gabbita’s Dontanpalli Operation I cart
Industry:General BusinessRegion:India
53. Bake a Cake cart
Industry:General BusinessRegion:India
54. Locating and Laying Out the Fast Food Business cart
Industry:General BusinessRegion:India
55. Made in India cart
Industry:General BusinessRegion:India
56. Crunching Munch Time A Little cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:MunchRegion:India
57. Travelsafe Manufacturing Company (TMC) cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:TravelsafeRegion:India
58. Location of a Production Facility cart
Industry:General BusinessRegion:India
59. Takira Motors: Creating Assembly and Process Chart cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:Takira MotorsRegion:India
60. Spicejet: Dedicated to Serve Customers with Excellence cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:SpicejetRegion:India
61. Chandan Creations’: Process Selection Dilemma cart
62. Vijetha Textiles: Process Analysis cart
63. Novel Foods’ Change in Operations Strategy: Competitiveness at Stake cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:Novel FoodsRegion:India
64. Tropicana’s Product (Re)Design: The Packaging Mistake cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:TropicanaRegion:India
65. Crisis at Strocem RMC: Significance of Operations Management cart
Industry:General BusinessRegion:India
66. Reduction in Expenditure using Single-Period Inventory Model: A Case Study for PGS cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:PGSRegion:India
67. Reduction in Inventory Costs using Fixed-Time Period Model: A Case Study for PETS cart
Industry:General BusinessRegion:India
68. Role of Inventory in Reducing the Cost of Production: A Case Study for PSPL cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:PSPLRegion:India
69. NSPL: Importance of Facility Location in Business Success cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:NSPLRegion:India
70. Change in Product Layout Leads to Profitability: A Case Study for DSPL cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:DSPLRegion:India
71. Utilisation of Transportation Method in Sandino Furniture cart
72. Harish Automobile Repair Shop: A Case of Queuing Theory cart
73. Fun World: The Management’s Decision Dilemma cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:Fun WorldRegion:India
74. Gourmet’s Fantasy: Implementing Customer-Oriented Approach cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:GourmetRegion:India
75. Maruti Metal Works: Evaluation of Project using PERT cart
76. Ishikawa Motors Limited: Implimentation of Just-In-Time and Lean Practices cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:Ishikawa MotorsRegion:India
77. Abide Manufacturers Limited: Implementation of ISO 9000 cart
78. Victor in India: Six-Sigma Implementation cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:VictorRegion:India
79. Halo, a DVD Manufacturer: Sketching its Aggregate Sales and Operations Plan cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:HaloRegion:India
80. The House of Garb: Implementing Supply Chain Strategy cart
Industry:General BusinessRegion:India
81. Playhouse Toys Centre: Implementing Process Layout cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:Playhouse ToysRegion:India
82. Aroma Electronics: Step towards Networking Techniques’ cart
83. Material Requirements at King Furniture cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:King FurnitureRegion:India
84. Inventory Management through ABC Analysis – A Case Study for Super Sounds Inc. cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:Super SoundsRegion:India
85. Excel Printers: A Startup Company’s Capacity Planning cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:Excel PrintersRegion:India
86. SSS’s Experiment: Choosing an Appropriate Research Design cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:SSSRegion:India
87. Fall of Mayur Hypermarket: Significance of Business Research cart
88. Arranging Stock in a Warehouse: Cluster Analysis cart
Industry:General BusinessRegion:India
89. Developing a Formal Report – A Case Study of ‘’ cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:SmartMBA.comRegion:India
90. Consumer’s Perception on Inverters in India: A Factor Analysis Case cart
Industry:General BusinessRegion:India
91. Stream: Accomplishing Success Through Perfect Data Analysis cart
Industry:General BusinessRegion:India
92. Survey in Trade Show: Participant Communication Instruments cart
Industry:General BusinessRegion:India
93. Exploring Primary and Secondary Data: Lessons to Learn cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:Yatra.comRegion:India
94. Krupa Medical Stores – Evaluating its Brand Image using Semantic Differential Scaling cart
95. Global Stance on Malaria: Using Thurstone Scaling cart
Industry:General BusinessRegion:India
96. City Couriers: Dilemma in Design Experiment cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:City CouriersRegion:India
97. New Product Design Experiment at iConnect cart
Industry:General BusinessCompany:iConnectRegion:India
98. The Initial Hiccups of a Startup Brand cart
Industry:General BusinessRegion:India
99. Saturn Clothing Company: Measuring Customer Satisfaction using Likert Scaling cart
100. Assessment of Retail Credit in a Private Bank with the help of ‘Discriminant Analysis’ cart
Industry:General BusinessRegion:India


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