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CDC Casebooks are a compilation of the best selling case studies categorised based on management concepts, industries and companies. These casebooks intend to serve as a handbook of model case studies for students, teachers, researchers and practitioners in the management world. Our Casebooks are exemplary resources designed to help deepen knowledge on the management theories and concepts helping to enhance their decision-making skills.

Casebook in Collaboration


Price: $50 ( INR)
Paperback edition
ISBN 978-81-314-1485-9
Why should companies collaborate? When to collaborate? What precautions to be taken while venturing into a collaborative arrangement? In what kind of industries and at what stage of the industry life cycle, is collaboration desirable and meaningful? The articles, interviews and case studies included in this book address these very issues.

Casebook in Competitive Strategies - Vol. I

Competitive Strategies - Vol. I

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 81-314-0196-0
Highlights the various strategies adopted by different companies to successfully maintain an edge over their competitors by achieving high profit and growth rate or a wider market share.

Casebook in Competitive Strategies - Vol. II

Competitive Strategies - Vol. II

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 81-314-0197-9
Focuses on the strategies, which assumes an all-important role in the wake of competition. Without competition, strategy has no relevance

Casebook in Competitive Strategies Vol III

Competitive Strategies Vol III

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-2165-9
The case studies compiled in this book help readers not only to understand the theoretical concepts of competion but also practically implement strategic thinking by drawing insights from strategies adopted by various companies from different industries in varied real-time situations.

Casebook in Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-2118-5
This casebook highlights how Corporate Governance (CG) has evolved and got importance after series of corporate scandals like Enron. Entails how companies are governed responsibly through CG and how companies are affected as a result of bad CG.

Casebook in Corporate Restructuring Vol. I

Corporate Restructuring Vol. I

Price: $35 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 81-314-0536-2
Covers diverse industries and provide insights into the strategies of dealing with troubled corporates in a real-life environment. The book contains some of the finest case studies on restructuring efforts carried out by some of the most famous corporates across the globe.

Casebook in Corporate Social Responsibility - Vol.I

Corporate Social Responsibility - Vol.I

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 81-314-0693-8
Highlights the circumstances under which various companies integrated CSR into their company values. It showcases the setbacks that companies faced as a result of their non-compliance with CSR policies, the failure of some companies to raise their image despite adopting CSR and sparking questions regarding the use of CSR as just a PR tool.

Casebook in Corporate Transformation

Corporate Transformation

Price: $25 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-1910-6
Highlights on the cultural challenges that corporates face while restructuring. Providing a short theoretical framework,this book provides insights on how companies have successfully repositioned themselves admist problems and obstacles. This book is a must read for all those executives desiring and managing transformation

Casebook in Corporate Turnarounds - Vol. I

Corporate Turnarounds - Vol. I

Price: $35 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 81-314-0339-4
Covers diverse industries and provides insights into the strategies of dealing with troubled corporate in a real-life environment.

Casebook in Decision Making

Decision Making

Price: $50 ( INR)
Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-81-314-1571-9
What is the difference between a wrong decision and a bad decision? Can anyone teach you decision making skills? Can they be mastered? Are they universal? The honest answer is no one answer. Why then a book on decision making? It is primarily to sensitize the common pitfalls in making effective and correct decisions and distil the qualified wisdom from experts.
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