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1. Facebook : An Online Maketing Tool? cart
Subject:Social NetworkingIndustry:Services
2. DesiCrew Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’s Reverse Migration Model: Going Rural with Socially Relevant BPO cart
3. Coca-Cola in India: Innovative Distribution Strategies with 'RED' Approach cart
4. McDonald's in India: Reaching Out Customers with McDelivery cart
5. Netflix Prize 2009: Neuromarketing Research for Online Shoppers? cart
6. Hindustan Unilever Limited’s Rexona: Repositioning ‘Rexona’ Deodorant cart
7. Pringles– Combating the Launch of Lays Stax cart
8. Samsung vs LG: Similar Goals, Dissimilar Strategies cart
9. P&G’s Tremor – Reinventing Marketing by Word of Mouth cart
10. Tata Tea’s Jaago Re! Campaign: The Social-Cause Marketing Initiatives and Long-term Branding Initiatives cart
11. Virgin Atlantic’s Business-Class-only Airline: Emerging Threat to Niche Air Carriers? cart
12. US Bottled Water Industry Faces a New Frontier-Special Interest Group cart
13. The U.S Steel Industry and the Tariff Policy of Bush cart
14. The Price War: Netflix vs Blockbuster cart
15. Nokia - Global Market Share 40%; US Market Share 10%: Competitive strategies cart
16. Mobile Phones: The Advent of a New Advertising Medium cart
17. Mahindra & Mahindra (B): An Emerging Global Giant? cart
18. Honda in China: Government Regulations and Firm’s Strategy cart
19. Harry Potter: Global Marketing Strategies cart
20. 'Global Vision 2010': Toyota's Strategic Initiatives cart
21. Ford’s ‘Drive One’ Campaign: Can Allen Mullaly Drive Through the Trough cart
22. Emergence of China in the Global E-Commerce Market (B):’s Surge cart
23. Dubai Duty Free: Promotion and Expansion cart
24. Dell's Business Model: Is it Time to Reinvent? cart
25. De Beers' Corporate Transformation: The Competitive Pressures cart
26. Coke’s Promotional Themes: Tailored for Times cart
27. Branding – The Asian Dilemma cart
28. Avon: Direct Selling in China cart
29. Automobiles: Made in China, Sold in USA? cart
30. ASDA: Betting on Low Prices? cart
31. Apple iPhone Price Cut: Is it a Right Strategy? cart
32. Nokia’s Rural Marketing Strategies in India: Reaching Out to the Bottom of Pyramid cart
33. Apple iPhone in India: Emotionally Connected Vs Product-Price Performance Disconnected? cart
34. Indian Automobile Industry: Is it Going to be the ‘Global Small Car Hub’? cart
35. Competition Laws in China and India: Dragon’s divergence and Elephants convergence cart
36. Trade Deficits, Current Account Deficits and Exchange Rates in US: The Policy Implications cart
37. Business Confidence? Very High; Consumer Spending? Very Low: How to get the German Consumer to Spend More? cart
38. Terrorist Attack on the Taj Mahal Palace & Towers, Mumbai: Crisis Communication Strategies cart
39. The Marketing of Barack Obama cart
40. Tata's Nano Home, Shubh Griha: Benefitting Bottom of the Pyramid? cart
41. Kamal Quadir’s CellBazaar: Connecting Bangladesh’s Bottom of the Pyramid through Mobile Commerce cart
42. PepsiCo: Breeding Reverse Innovation in India cart
43. BP's Deepwater Disaster (B): Gulf of Mexico's Spill Over cart
44. BP's Deepwater Disaster (A): Oil Industry's Value Chain Risk cart
45. Medical Tourism: Rise of Asia as Global Healthcare Destination cart
46. Corporatisation of Indian Film Financing in India: Best Practices from Hollywood cart
47. Age Diversity at Ashok Leyland Ltd.: Narrowing the Generation Gap cart
48. Employee Engagement Employer and Employee’s Delight cart
49. Indian Women in Banking Industry Breaking Glass Ceilings cart
50. Chanda Kochhar as the CEO of ICICI Bank: Can She Manage the Mandate? cart
51. Collective Bargaining at NBA: Who scores the basket? cart
52. Midlife career: Career Stages and Managing Confusions cart
53. Sears, Roebuck & Company: Operating Performance Turnaround with HR Scorecard cart
54. CEOs in the US: Are they Overpaid? cart
55. Baby Milk Powder Contamination at China’s Sanlu: Violation of Business Ethics cart
56. Satyam Computers Corporate Governance Fiasco (G): Maytas Satyam? cart
57. US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, 1977: Governance Musings on US-Listed Companies cart
58. Satyam Computers' Corporate Governance Fiasco (H): One Year After cart
59. Global Footprints of the Indian MNC, Marico: The 3L Strategy cart
60. Cairn India: Globalisation vs Government Intervention cart
61. UK’s Manufacturing Competitiveness (C): Resurgence of Rolls-Royce? cart
62. UK’s Manufacturing Competitiveness (B): What have Privatisation and Deregulation Done? cart
63. UK’s Manufacturing Competitiveness (A): Who Said ‘The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire’? cart
64. India's Apollo Tyres (A): The Family-Run Firm's Global Fortunes cart
65. BurgerMan's Low-Cost Franchisee Model: Kiosks Lead the Way cart
66. Moser Baer’s Pricing Strategies: Competence-based and Value-driven? cart
67. Carbon Credit Trading: Selling the Right to Pollute cart
68. Online Shopping Behavior: Indian Vs International Consumers cart
69. Tata Nano: Consumers' Post-Purchase Behavior cart
70. Reality Shows in India and Colors Channel's National Bingo Night: Abhishek Bachchan's Aaraam Classes cart
71. Indian Consumer Market: India Emerges, Indian Consumers Surge cart
72. India’s Best Marketers: Consumer Psychologists or Marketing Wizards? cart
73. : Crafting a Brand Positioning With Reference Groups cart
74. Western Union In India: The Rural-Market Focused Strategy cart
75. Kaya's Expansion Spree: Taking Toll on Profits? cart
76. Apple's iPhone in China: Can Apple Cash in on the World's Biggest Mobile Market? cart
77. Eveready's LED Lantern: Overstretching Its Core Competency? cart
78. Nokia Booklet 3G: Banking on Late Mover Advantage? cart
79. China Telecom Corporation Limited: Late Mover Advantage with Service Innovation? cart
80. Indian Cricket (A): Indian Cricket League (ICL) Invading BCCI’s Monopoly? cart
81. Private Labels in India (A): What’s in Store? cart
82. Metro in India: Can It Carry Forward With Its Cash& Carry Model? cart
83. Private Labels in India (B): (Kishore Biyani’s) Future Group’s Private Label Strategy cart
84. Walmart-Bharti Retail Alliance in India: The Best Way Forward? cart
85. Virtual World's 'Second Life': INSEAD's New Campus cart
86. Indian Cricket (B): Financial Feasibility of Indian Premier League (IPL) Franchisee cart
87. Oprah Winfrey's 'Celebrity Brand": Will It Work Wonders for ' The Oprah Winfrey Network'? cart
88. La Affaire Tiger Woods cart
89. Managing Downturn: Kmart and Other Retailers Innovate their Operating Model with Click and Pickup Services cart
90. Managing Downturn without Downsizing (B): Innovative Job Saving Schemes cart
91. Managing Crises – Built to Last Companies cart
92. Managing Downturn without Downsizing (A): US Financial Crisis & Layoffs cart
93. ‘San Lu’, The Chinese milk products manufacturer’s product failure: Managing the Crisis? cart
94. Social Networking: Threatening the Monster and Its Likes? cart
95. Jerry Yang's Exit from Yahoo!: Googling for the Right Strategy? cart
96. Motorola’s Spin-off Decision: What’s the Spin? cart
97. Mercy Corps’ Bank Andara in Indonesia: Delivering Socialism through Capitalism cart
98. Wellington Baiden – Ghana’s Eco-friendly Entrepreneur cart
99. Transport Corporation of India’s Supply Chain Solution: Nervous System of the Organised Retail in India cart
100. P&G's Logistics Revolution: Co-creating Value cart


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