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1. WhatsApp Acquisition by Facebookcart
2. Airtel Zero: The Pandora`s Boxcart
3. Change of Guard at McDonald`s - Is Turnaround Possible?cart
4. HUL Delisting?cart
5. Facebook`s New Privacy Policy - Satisfying Users While Making Commercial Sensecart
6. WhatsApp Acquisition by Facebookcart
7. Innovation Management at Salesforcecart
8. Strategy and Structure of the Indian Tire Manufacturing Industrycart
9. Jamba Juice`s Turnaround Strategiescart
10. Flipkart: The Growth Strategies of India’s First Billion Dollar.Com Companycart
11. Unilever Brings Frugal Innovation into Europecart
12. Lafley`s Return to P&G: Can P&G be Back on Tracks?cart
13. Maruti Suzuki India`s Foray into Africacart
14. Campbell Soup, the American Soup Maker: Will the Restructuring Pay-off?cart
15. The Exit of Citigroup’s CEO Vikram Panditcart
16. Will 40/20/10 Strategy Save P&G CEO McDonald?cart
17. Indian Telecom War: Startup Reliance Takes on Leader Airtel in 4G Servicescart
18. Videocon`s Reinventing Strategies: Can it sustain the Replication of LG`s Success?cart
19. BHEL: Losing out to Chinese Rivals?cart
20. Acquisition of Patni by iGatecart
21. Acquisition of Patni by iGatecart
22. MSMEs in India: Opportunities and Challenges in Times of Globalizationcart
23. India's Branded Vada Pav Chain Jumbo King’s Ambitious Planscart
24. Big Bazaar, India's Hypermarket Chain: Can its Ambitious Future Plans Succeed?cart
25. Backward Integration in Chinese Metal Industry: A case of Anben steelcart
26. Toyota Product Recall: Does Quantity and Quality Go Hand-in-Hand?cart
27. UK's Woolworths Retail Chain: End of a Long Journey?cart
28. Whole Foods Market: Image Makeover Strategy in Troubled Timescart
29. US Airline Industry: Impact of Fuel Price Risecart
30. Trouble at Taco Bell: The E. coli Breakoutcart
31. Rising Fuel Cost: A Threat to Europe's Discount Airlinescart
32. Rising Aviation Turbine Fuel: How can Indian Airline Operators Cope?cart
33. Oil Derivatives: The Failure of China Aviation Oil’s Speculative Intentcart
34. Metro Cash and Carry India in Rough Waterscart
35. Is GM heading for Bankruptcy?cart
36. Fall of Lehman Brothers: US Sub Prime Crisiscart
37. Facebook Charging Ahead in an Economic Downturn: Is it a Wise Decision?cart
39. UBS AG to Split: The Right Solution to Overcome Sub-prime Crisis?cart
40. The Motorola Split – Heralding a New Approach?cart
41. Motorola to Split the Cell- Phone Business: The End of an Era?cart
42. Logistics in India – A Case of Missed Opportunity?cart
43. Tata Indica: Stretching & Leveraging Resourcescart
44. Guangzhou Honda: Promoting Glocalisation in Chinacart
45. United and Continental Airlines Alliance – A Marriage of Convenience?cart
46. TNK–BP: Is the Joint Venture on the Verge of Derailment?cart
47. The Indian Pharmaceutical Majors Ranbaxy and Orchid Alliance: A Win-Win Situation?cart
48. Strategic Alliance with Fiat: A Lifeline for Chrysler?cart
49. Indian Aviation Market: Impact of Kingfisher-Air Deccan Deal on LCCscart
50. Indian Aviation Market: Impact of Kingfisher-Air Deccan Deal on LCCscart
51. HSBC's Insurance JV in China: Sailing Through Charted Waterscart
52. Godrej tie-Up with Future Group for rural retail -A Win-Win Strategy?cart
53. Dongfeng–Volvo JV in China: Will it Pay Off?cart
54. DHL: Chalking Success by Partnering with its Rival UPS?cart
55. Big Cinema Teams Up with DreamWorks: Hollywood Aspirations?cart
56. Airtel's Pact with Infosys: Can it Create Ripples in the Indian DTH Market?cart
57. Microsoft-Yahoo! Mega Deal: Competing for Competition with Google?cart
58. Toyota in the US: Strategies to Combat Declining Sales!cart
59. Restructuring Siemens: Will It Pay Off?cart
60. Jon Rubinstein's Revival Plan for Palm: 'Smart' Enough?cart
61. Ford: Survival Strategies against New Auto Giantscart
62. Diversity at Denny's: The Turnaround Strategycart
63. Delta Air Lines (B): Turnaround Strategy and Challenges Aheadcart
64. Dell: Reinventing Itself in 2007cart
65. China's Fourth Largest Steelmaker, Shougang Steel’s Relocation strategy- conducive or detrimental to its growthcart
66. Alcatel-Lucent: Can the New Leadership Turn it Around?cart
67. Vogue in India: The Market Entry Strategycart
68. Virgin Mobile's Entry Strategies in Indiacart
69. Tesco's Big Plans To Enter Indian Retail cart
70. Tesco in Japan – Experimenting with Retail Formatscart
71. Tesco in China: Opportunities and Challengescart
72. Telenor's Entry into Indian Mobile Market: Too Late and Expensive?cart
73. Standard Chartered: Invading into Mainland Chinacart
74. Sanpaolo: Establishing its Footprint in Serbiacart
75. Japan's Docomo's Entry into Indian Telecom Market: Can it Tap the Growth in India?cart
76. IVRCL, An Indian Construction Behemoth's Forays in to Real Estate Targeting The Niche Brown Collars- Will The Formula Work?"cart
77. Indian DTH Market: Can Reliance Big TV Ride on the Growth Wave?cart
78. Apple iPhone in India: Emotionally Connected Vs Product-Price Performance Disconnected?cart
80. Wells Fargo's Acquisition of Wachovia: A Smart Move During Tough Times?cart
82. United Spirits' Acquisition of South Indian Balaji Distilleries: A Smart Move?cart
83. Thomson-Reuters Merger: Media Monopoly or Benefit to Customers?cart
84. The S&N Takeover – The Going Gets Tough for Danish-Dutch Duo?cart
85. Tata Steel's Corus: Making of a Dealcart
86. Tata Motors and Jaguar-Land Rover: Made for Each Other?cart
87. Tapping Emerging Markets through Acquisitions:A Right Move by L’Oreal?cart
88. Sony's Music Business: Would Buying out BMG in its Joint Venture Help?cart
89. Sirius XM Merger in US Satellite Radio Market: Missing Tunes of Profitcart
90. SINOPEC, DuPont Chemicals JV in China: The Probable Synergiescart
91. Shanghai Auto, Nanjing Auto Set to Merge: A Chinese Alliance to Compete With Global Brandscart
92. Schaeffler Group's Bold Bid for Continental AG: Is it Wise?cart
93. Romania Rejects Acquisition Bid of CEE Banking Giantscart
94. Primary Health Care Ltd.'s Bid For Symbion Health Limited: Merger of Complimentorscart
97. ONGC's acquisition of Imperial Energy – Can it be profitable?cart
98. NASDAQ's Proposed Takeover of LSE: Potential and Challengescart
100. Microsoft's Acquisition of Navic Networks: Gaining an Edge by Expanding its Advertising Platforms?cart


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